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Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo

Publish Time:2017-09-28 00:00:00 Source:CCCME

 (I) Theme Exhibition Areas

Exhibition Area of Business Opportunities: It mainly exhibits the business opportunities of investment and economic and trade cooperation among countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road, with the emphasis on ports, wharves, high-speed rails, highways, electric power, telecommunications and other infrastructure construction projects as well as industrial parks investment and cooperation, in an effort to promote international capacity cooperation and encourage large state-owned companies and provincial key enterprises to go global. In addition, an investment and trade policy advisory service counter will be established.

Exhibition Area of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics: It largely promotes cross-border e-commerce platforms, strengthens online and offline interaction, encourages countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road to set up virtual exhibition pavilion and to continue display, exchange and cooperation even after the exhibition, innovates the economic and trade cooperation mode and enriches and perfects the network of the Maritime Silk Road, so as to create “a never-ending exhibition”.

Exhibition Area of Information Technology Products: It mainly exhibits the development status of new high-tech enterprises in connection with information technology to provide all kinds of investment information for countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road, accelerate market development and promote export of relevant high-end manufacturing equipment and technology, thus striving to make Guangdong’s foreign trade transform from “mass import & export” to “quality import & export”.



(II) Professional Exhibition Areas

Tourism and Culture Exhibition of Maritime Silk Road It mainly exhibits typical tourism products, cultural products, folk customs, tourist routes, intangible cultural heritage projects of Guangdong and countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road, aiming to enhance non-governmental exchange, increase air routes and promote interconnection between Guangdong and countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road.

Exhibition of International Building Decoration Materials and Engineering Machinery It mainly focuses on creating procurement opportunities of building decoration materials and engineering machinery, including quality timber and wood products from Southeast Asia, so as to satisfy the development demands of the infrastructure and construction industry of countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road.

Exhibition of Typical Food and Agricultural Products along Maritime Silk Road It mainly displays quality agricultural products and seafood of countries along the Maritime Road as well as advantageous products of Guangdong Province to promote trade cooperation and final consumption.

Exhibition of Selected International Tea Culture Target exhibitors include enterprises that produce, trade and distribute tea. Exhibits include tea, tea sets and tea culture products. Most of the exhibitors come from home, and some exhibitors from countries (regions) along the Maritime Silk Road that are renowned for tea will be also invited.

Exhibition of Selected International Ceramics Culture  Target exhibitors include key ceramics enterprises from Jingde, Chaozhou, Meizhou and some other places, while exhibits include tableware, art ceramics and other ceramics culture products.

Exhibition of Selected International Silk Culture It mainly invites enterprises that produce Guangdong embroideries, Suzhou embroideries, Hunan embroideries and Sichuan embroideries. Exhibits mainly include silk apparels and accessories, silk artware, etc.