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China Yiwu International Manufacturing Equipment Expo

Publish Time:2017-09-28 00:00:00 Source:CCCME

China Yiwu International Manufacturing Equipment Expo, hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Government and organized by CCCME, consists of 8 professional shows covering the whole chain of manufacturing industry, with a space of 80000 sqm. The buyers both from home and abroad are invited to attend multiple forums and B2B meetings. 


CNC Machine Tool and Metalworking Show

Metal cutting machines, metal shaping machines, special processing machines, Numerical Control Machine Tools, inspection and measuring equipment, digital control systems, digital display devices and machine electrical apparatuses, machine parts and auxiliary devices;

Industrial Automation and Robot Show

Production and Process Automation, welding robots, spraying robots, palletizing robots, transfer robots, Controller, speed reducer, Servo motor, Sensor and parts.

PV Products, Electric and Electrical Devices Show

Lights, LED lights, lamps and decorations; solar cells, power generators, solar applications; motors, control systems, transmitters, inverters and other transmission devices.

General Machinery and Spare Parts Show

Pumps, wind turbines, air pressure equipment, valves and pipelines; hosiery knitters, sewing machines, ornaments machines and other processing machines; bearings, mechanical drive and motor parts, fasteners, and springs.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Show

Boilers, biomass devices, residual heat devices; environmental protection equipment for water, air and solid waste treatment; new energy cars, batteries, and charging piles.

Packing, Printing and Plastic Machinery Show

Packing machines for food, plastic and liquid filling machine; Printing machines, binding machines and auxiliaries.

Storage and Logistics Equipment Show

Forklift, pallet jack, lift platform, conveying equipment, AGV and the manual carrier, storage facilities, automation integrated system, automated sorting system, three-dimensional shelf, and transport vehicle.