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    Instrument,Cine-machine and Equipment,Power Generating Equipment,Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electric Machine,Electrical Appliance (high, low voltage),Electrical Wire and Electrica

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Chengda keeps on implementing the policy of incorporating the advanced technologies made available to us by different well-known international companies for our project engineering and construction while make great efforts to develop our in-house new technologies with unique features and superiority. Longstanding relationships with international well-known companies allow us access to a broad spectrum of proprietary and licensed process technologies, which greatly upgraded and enhanced our technical level and capability. On the other hand, we made joint efforts with domestic scientific research institutes and colleges for project-based R & D activities, as a results, we have obtained quite a few up-to-date technologies in leading place in China and close to the international advanced level, in particular for the engineering deign of soda ash, chlor-alkali, ammonia, methanol, formaldehyde and tricyan chloride production plants. We have a lot of our own patents, proprietary technologies and know-how. Early in the 1960s, Chengda started to develop and undertake the engineering design for methanol plants. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, the methanol projects undertaken by Chengda were limited to high-pressure process and small-scale plants. Since the 1980s, we have developed new methanol process suitable for different scales of methanol plant and have become the key force for methanol technology development and engineering design in China. In 1984, Low Pressure Methanol Process was developed by Chengda, and the 6,000 tpy demonstration plant was put into operation successfully in January of 1987, which has been awarded from the State the 2nd Class Prize for Science & Technology Progress. It is Chengda who has made engineering design for the first set of 15,000 tpy environment-friendly methanol plant in China using natural gas as feedstock. From then on, the engineering design for 17 sets of methanol plants with capacity of 15,000 tpy, 30,000 tpy, 100,000 tpy and 200,000 tpy has been successfully performed by Chengda.

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