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Function 1. "Coalescence separation technology" and "vacuum heating demulsification technology" are used to break the emulsified structure of the oil to be purified, make the oil molecular structure unstable, and separate the oil and water. Then "film stretch expansion technology" is used to make the micro-scale water finally removed quickly. 2. WGF type polymer coalescence separation device can quickly and completely remove emulsified water, dissolved water and the similar. 3. WLY type stainless steel wire mesh composite combined filter element of proprietary technology can effectively remove particle-level impurities, it has strong decontamination ability and high filtration efficiency. The filter element can be repeatedly cleaned for long-term use, which greatly reduces the running costs.

ZJCQ turbine oil purifier is mainly used for turbine oil or similar viscosity lubricating oil which needs to remove a lot of water and impurities. It adopts advanced coalescence separation technology and vacuum demulsification technology to separate oil with a lot of water and break the emulsification of the oil and effectively remove water, gas and mechanical impurities in the turbine oil to highly purify the turbine oil and ensure the safe running of the equipments.


After the oil to be purified is processed by the purifier for several cycles, the following indicators can be achieved:

Water content: ≤100PPM            Emulsification: Oil transparent

Filtration accuracy:≤5um              Cleanliness:NAS1638 7 or SAE 4

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