Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Electromechanical Co. Ltd.

Main Products: hydraulic valve,pilot valve,multi-way valve...

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Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Electromechanical Co. Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    hydraulic valve,pilot valve,multi-way valve

  • Location:

    358# Zhexi Road,Linhai City 317000,Zhejiang,China

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Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd is a share-holding enterprise specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-tech hydraulic components. In the past 10 years, it has developed into one of the leading enterprises in China, with an outcome of 250,000  hydraulic components and sets per year.

Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd is an enterprise capable of developing and manufacturing hydraulic components. The products of ours cover a wide range, including Multi-Way Directional Valve, Speed-Changing Control Valve, Flow Control Valve, Steering Control Valve and Braking Valve, widely used in the fields of machinery and automobile, such as engineering, lifting, digging, transporting etc. All together, we have more than 200 sorts of components with various scales in 30 categories. Besides, we are the core supplier of hydraulic components in loading machinery. One of our backbone products—Loading Machine Multi-way Directional Valve, has occupied the largest market share in its field for four successive years. For our excellent manufacturing and marketing, we are a member of the first group enterprises in high-tech hydraulic component manufacturing and hydraulic system industrialization listed by the Assembly Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China.

Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd boasts a solid technical foundation. There is a Provincial-Leveled Technical Center and a Provincial-Leveled High Technical Development Center in our enterprise with more than 50 professors and experts in the field of hydraulic technology. We own a series of top leading techniques and products, among which 20 won the Certification of National Patent, more than 10 were awarded Provincial-Leveled New Product Certification, Provincial-Leveled Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and Provincial-Leveled Prize for Sci-Tech Achievement. On top of that, we have hosted and participated in the making and revising of 6 types of industry standards.  

Supported by the solid technical foundation, together with the contribution of our professional marketing group, our company has won a good reputation in the market and has been awarded Outstanding Supplier for successive years. Apart from providing excellent pro-sale, on-sale and post-sale services, we offer systemic problem-solving schemes to our clients. In these years, we have built a long-time cooperation relationship with those domestic famous companies such as Shandong Linyi Engineering Machinery Stock Co., Ltd, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, Shandong Sem Machinery Co., Ltd, Shandong Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Xiamen XGMA Machinery Group, Longgong (Fujian) Machinery Group etc.   

     Located in the most beautiful southeast coastal city Linhai, we, Gaoyu Hydraulic Machinery Co. ,Ltd, warmly welcome you to our company!



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Zhejiang Gaoyu Hydraulic Electromechanical Co. Ltd.