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  • Main Products:

    vehicles, truck, bus, van, pickup truck, SUV, mini bus, mini truck, electric vehicle, roller, wheel loader, bulldozer,forklift, tractor

  • Location:

    26/F, Building 1, No. 869, Hanghai East Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

  • Official Website

CHINA HAIHENG INTL TRADE GROUP CO., LIMITED short for CHHGC ,is registered in China and other countries of trade partners, supplying general goods and services. We assemble the national industrial development achievements, explore the resource of the major energy, the resource conformity of developing countries, to open up the scopes of the bulk materials and services. We apply to China's "Going Out" of foreign trade policy and improve the direction of domestic industrial development, putting into practice China’s “the Belt and Road Initiatives”and adopting to integrate the trade and market, market and resources, resources and national strategies to solve the survival and development of CHHGC, and to achieve the CHHGC meaning of existing and operating.

   The CHHGC collects excellent person of the world, makes use of the unfair trade relations and integrate the advantages of different resources to establish a well-run team. At the same time, we use the stable relations of the partnerships ensuring the development and promoting the competitiveness of CHHGC to bring out the chances of service and the worth thus improve human living conditions.

  We provide services and wealth in these areas:

  1.General industry: Cars, buses, vans and trailers,oil equipment, electrical equipment, machine tools, environmental protection equipment, etc.

  2.Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment products, mineral and energy technology development.

  3.Marine, transportation equipment and other areas of equipment.

  4.Communications, mechanical and electrical products, electronic equipment products and instrumentation equipment.

  5.Building materials and nonferrous metals, complete sets of medical equipment.

  6. Bulk cash crops, wood, pine nuts and food, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

CHHGC complies with China national laws and keeps everlasting cooperation with  our overseas Clients friendly for mutual benefit.We are committed to the realization of sustainable development of enterprises and the country, at the same time to provide job opportunities for the staff of CHHGC , achieving common prosperity, building a better home. CHHGC will have a glorious future!

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