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    Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Ship and Watercraft,Hardware and Tool,Machine Tool and Parts and Accessories,Casting Piece and Forging Piece

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Zhejiang Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co.,Ltd.(ZMEC) is a large enterprise with more than 20 years’ rich experience in international trade and economic cooperation and great achievements , It has knotted fast and extensive business ties with over 1,000 clients in more than 120 countries and regions , and turned up as a leading player in the import/export of mechanical and electrical products as well as in the field of foreign economic cooperation .ZMEC is the executive member of the China Chamber of Commerce of Machinery & Electronics and an AAA grade company for bank credit entitled by Bank of China .Affiliated to it are numbers of subsidiaries/agencies, generally 20 exclusive / joint ventures and cooperative ventures at home and abroad . Its total import and export volume ranked 146th among China’s largest import and export companies. ZMEC’s business scope include: Operate or act as an agent for importation & exportation of various machinery, electrical and instrumental products, operate or act as an agent for importation, exportation and domestic trading of other categories of commodities except monopoly commodities stipulated by the State. Contractin g domestic and overseas large complete plant equipment and survey, design, manufacture, civil works, installation, commissioning, training of engineering projects and turnkey projects. Joint design, joint bidding, joint contracting domestic and overseas large scale complete equipment and projects. Import various production lines, machinery and equipment utilizing loans, export credit, commercial credit of World Bank, Asian Development Bank and foreign governments. Domestic and overseas co-production projects. Joint venture and cooperative businesses. Compensation trade, barter trade and counter account trade. Processing with supplied drawings, samples and materials, assembly business with supplied parts and components and OEM. Technical exports: transfer of design and manufacturing technology for various machinery & electrical products, licensing and export of invented and patent technology and know-how, technical consultation and service. Technical importation, equipment importation, technical consultation and services. Shipping by sea, land and air transportation. Holding exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad. Dispatch labors and offer technical services. International and domestic tendering and bidding. ZMEC thanks to all the partners and cordially welcomes trade practices and cooperation in all forms.

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