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T-Max (Hangzhou) Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Main Products:

    electric winch, 4X4 Offroad winch, electric power board, electric running board, side step, E-Board, ATW winch, Hydraulich winch, ACCESSORIES ,farm jack, jerry can, portable compressor

  • Location:

    No. 5, Road 5th, Dongzhou Industrial Area, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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Hangzhou Tianming mechanical and electrical tools limited company is in 2000 by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of the owner the right to import and export of Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises, the provincial-level high-tech enterprises, located in Hangzhou City, Fuyang the Fuchun River Dongzhou Industrial Zone, 20 kilometers away from Hangzhou city. With modern production plant more than 22000 square meters, the total assets of more than 80000000 yuan.

Companies adhering to the "innovative, efficient, excellent" core values, since the establishment of the company, has invested nearly 4000000 scientific research funds, according to the harsh outdoor cross-country environment, to improve the motor vehicle off-road capability, has been developed to " T-MAX" brand of EW-6500 to EW-15000 series of electric and hydraulic winch products, up to the present so far, the government has approved the 12 patents, and adopted the ISO9000 quality system certification. In 2003 January in Zhejiang to save classics trade appoint expert evaluation, the series was named " reached the international advanced level ".

From 2001 since put into production, total output already exceeded 50000, more than 98% of exports. This year is expected annual production of around 18000 taiwan. Because of the series of excellent product design, advanced technology, perfect quality control system. Products manufactured pass rate reached 100%, a pass rate of 99 customer service tracking. More than 6%. The series of products for our customers to wide acclaim, and experienced in 2002 Malaysia rainforest challenge test, world market quickly opened, has been exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Russia, Poland, Czech, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Middle East, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Sultan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and Chile, dozens of countries and regions. And has been the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel's military use. Company products by the people's Liberation Army total assembly department organization SUV cold, heat environment of multiple wheel vehicle testing, our company will be listed as key military civilian mouth supporting enterprises, intended to be used " T-MAX " electric winch assembly steam in China for the production of the latest " Dongfeng armored" off-road vehicles to improve the army in combat and training off-road capability. And, as the market share of sales increased year by year, the increasing visibility of our brand.

In 2003 August, the authority of the world motocross magazine " 4X4Australia " is Division I sold in Australia three brand " BRAWN ", " TJM-OX ", " T-MAX " and the world's most famous manufacturers of "WARN " and " SUPERWINCH " are the third party testing contrast, results in the same level, received three stars, by the broad masses of off-road enthusiasts of praise. The test results and the market research report published in the September 236th issue of the magazine 2003.

After more than 6 years of research and development and production, the current Division I has a comprehensive grasp of the vehicle with the winch 's core technology products and process, design thought and the realization means already was surmounted in the round of similar domestic and foreign manufacturers, in the leading level in the world. In 2004, the Division I introduced the " OUTBACK SERIES " series of electric winch products, the products into the design process technology, large current solenoid directional control technology, the wireless remote control technology and so on, to further improve the " T-MAX " electric winch handsome in appearance and product reliability, increases the product function and convenience in use, both at home and abroad market caused great repercussions, further enhance brand reputation.

Company existing staff 105 people, of whom 55 were college education. Company in 2006 by the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department approved the establishment of provincial " off-road vehicles and equipment research center ", now has 16 technical personnel, including 3 senior titles ( Professor 2), intermediate title 5 people, 1 people of doctoral student, master 2, master's 1. In order to further improve the capability to develop new products and core competitiveness, our company actively with colleges and universities in close cooperation, and China Jiliang University and other colleges and universities built a production, learning and research, base.

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T-Max (Hangzhou) Industrial Co.,Ltd.