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Shenzhen I-Panda New Energy Technology

  • Main Products:

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller MPPT Solar Charge Regulator

  • Location:

    Shenzhen I-Panda New Energy Technology

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We have passed the ISO9001/ISO14001 certification, obtained a number of invention patents, practical patents, software works, appearance patents, etc. in the photovoltaic application field, and won technology application awards issued by the global photovoltaic industry authority for many years.

    Ten years of hard work has given us first-class R&D of off-grid, grid-connected and energy storage system products, as well as service capabilities for customized solutions. In particular, our own brand MPPT controllers have been designated for national engineering projects in many countries. Currently our products operate efficiently and stably in various harsh natural environments such as high temperatures, damp heat, rain, high altitude, wind and sand, etc.. We are highly recognized by the market and have won wide praise from customers, especially in household, Base stations, security, telecommunication towers, forest fire prevention and other engineering fields.

    With the rapid development of business, we are building and interating with a customer-centric organization at a high speed and continuously improving R&D, production, quality, material control, suppliers, finance, human resources, and organizational strategies that are suitable for the needs of our different stages of development. These professional management systems are constantly transforming us from personalization to organization, and laying a solid foundation for our sustainable development.

    With the development of the new energy industry and responding to the call of "carbon neutrality", we are deepening into the development of technological applications, continuing to create value-added customer experience, and continuously improving our core competitiveness. I-Pandee, is on its way to becoming a world-class photovoltaic application solution group. 

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Shenzhen I-Panda New Energy Technology