Hangzhou Hephae Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile Introduction

Hangzhou Hephae Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with high-quality brand suppliers, integrating product design, development, production, and service. 

Also our cooperation factory is very competitive, the production capacity has been attained 43 million units per year, also approved ISO9001,ISO14001,UL, GS, CE, CB, ETL and EMC, etc. They pay great attention to exploration of new products, spending more than 60 million to develop new product and nearly one hundred different new items were launched per year in order to keep abreast of international developments. They have more than 800 sets of advanced equipment and over 200 production lines, the whole process is strictly controlled, including raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, to ensure the safety and reliability of each product. The products are sold to more than 190 countries and regions worldwide, especially in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East, they have great reputation.

The company's philosophy is not only to provide high-quality products, but also to expand the scale of production and investment in the future. We are working on improving products quality and try our best to meet the customers requirements to obtain common benefits and development. Hope for your communication and cooperation to get the mutual profit!

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Hangzhou Hephae Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.