Chongqing Mobimax Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Company Profile Introduction


Chongqing Mobimax Technology Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise,which specializing in product design and development, manufacturing and export trade in the field of electric vehicle. Mobimax is derived from Mobility Max, with over 15 years experience in electric vehicles industry. The company owns Japan Mobimax, Hongkong Mobimax company, Wuxi Mobimax factory, Wuxi Bashan E-vehicle company etc. , with production base in Wuxi and Poland, total 300 workers, the annual capacity more than 300,000units.

Our products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, India and Southeast Asia, and also sell in China domestic market.

Quality and innovation are the core values of our company; we provide our customers with high-quality bikes as well as a professional R&D team to customize your ideal bikes. Our advanced equipment,mechanics and testing machines along with a large quantity of workshops allow us to deliver the goods quickly. We are glad that our professionalism and customer service have earned us a high reputation among our clients.

We are continuing to grow with many other famous brands, and cooperating with MOBIMAX will be the very right choice of yours!

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Chongqing Mobimax Technology Co.,Ltd.