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Wuxi Oriental Changfeng Marine Propulsion CO.,LTD.

  • Main Products:

    tunnel thrusters; azimuth thrusters; contra-rotating thrusters

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Wuxi Oriental Changfeng marine propulsion Co.,Ltd is a professional firm which specialized in designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and marketing of marine thrusters. It is integrated by the famous China Ship Scientific Research Center ( CSSC No. 702 Research Institute).  Our company has abundant experience in research-developing, designing and manufacturing thrusters for more than twenty years respectively as co-operation members. Today the production quality and services of our company are in the lead at home and reached international level in powering performance and reliability. 

We have established following unique intellectual property positions: "contra-rotating propeller in nozzle", "shafting anti-twist labyrinth contra-rotating propeller", "hydrofoil podded propulsion with contra-rotating propeller" and so on.  

With featuring high efficiency, low noise, easy control, anti-twist and improved reliability, our propulsion products have been widely applied to ferryboat, tugboats, workship and other special vessels that require high maneuverability for civil and military use. 

Wuxi Changfeng marine propulsion Co.,Ltd offers tunnel thrusters, azimuth thrusters, and contra-rotating thrusters. The range of the power is from 44kw(60HP)to 2208kw(3000HP).These products can be custom designed in the form of well-mount, steerable-deck-mount, or stern-board-mount based on vessel configurations. We also design and manufacture maneuvering control systems based on customer's specific needs. 

We always commit in Rudder propeller Science Industry with the purpose of "Quality First and Service-oriented". In the future days, we will work together with peers to contribute to China Shipbuilding Industry.

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Wuxi Oriental Changfeng Marine Propulsion CO.,LTD.