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Guangdong Huayu Technology Co., Ltd
  • Main Products:

    Electric Tools、Home Appliance Accessories、Auto Parts

  • Location:

    G235, Taxia Village, Puzhai Town, Fengshun County(In the eco-industrial park)

  • Official Website


In science and technology co., LTD. Guangdong China is currently the domestic large-scale and comprehensive ability strong one of powder metallurgy mechanical parts and electronic manufacturing enterprises, with the production of powder metallurgy mechanical parts as main business of "national key high-tech enterprise", was founded in July 2013, is located in fengshun fuxing county ecological industrial park, the existing land 112 mu, a total investment of 360 million yuan.The company's main business includes the production and sales of powder metallurgy mechanical parts and soft magnetic metal powder core;With domestic advanced technology as the basis, has been committed to the industry product development and promotion of application;With a variety of professional automation equipment, perfect testing instruments and experienced professional and technical personnel, strictly according to the national standard (GB) organization production;Products are widely used in cars, motorcycles, refrigerators, air conditioning compressors, power tools, household appliances, construction machinery, steel cemented carbide, electroacoustic and agricultural machinery and other industries, some of which are exported to the United States, Japan and Europe and other countries and regions.The company has many years of professional experience in powder metallurgy, including CNC forming press, a set of international advanced powder metallurgy production equipment and technology;At the same time, the company attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress and new product development, the company's engineering and technology center, mold manufacturing center, as well as new materials powder metallurgy research Institute, for the company's research and development of high-end powder metallurgy zero provided technical support and mold production guarantee.

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Guangdong Huayu Technology Co., Ltd