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Zhuhai Dimension Robotics Co.Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Patrol Robot for Epidemic Prevention

  • Location:

    A101,Boshilou,New Economic Resources Development Port,Tangjiawan Town,Xiangzhou,Zhuhai,Guangdong,China


Zhuhai Dimension Robotics a wholly owned subsidiary of Dimension Robotics.Dimension Robotics established in 2015, mainly aiming at the development of the light service industry for the automatic Intelligent robot , Robot operating system and the related personnel training.

The team consists of dozens of engineers who have worked in top robotics laboratories with advanced robot research capabilities and extensive development experience.they all graduated from top-class universities at home and abroad.The expert team of the company includes famous professors from Carnegie Mellon University, Wuster Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing University of Technology.

The main business directions of Dimension Robotics include college professional construction, online courses, offline training, business service market automation solutions.

Teaching robot——MoRois the first universal intelligent robot platform  in the worldplays a key role in the professional teaching of the robot, and has been widely used in the commercial scene.
The new engineering construction scheme of robot discipline is developed for three years,not only responds to the needs of a series of strategic plans, such as the national artificial intelligence science and technology revolution and industrial reform, "made in China 2025" and so on, but also supports colleges and universities to set up the interdisciplinary subject of robot engineering, and also enhances talent advantage in the international artificial intelligence competition.At present, we have established a cooperative relationship with more than 100 domestic universities and more than 10 overseas universities.

We have carried out a lot of exploration and application in the field of robot commerce,have also launched strategic cooperation with Microsoft, Intel, Haekangwei Vision and many other companies.We have also carried out a large number of product development and application in the direction of warehousing inventory, logistics sorting, robot light service industry and so on.
At the 2017 CES International Electronic products consumption Show, our robot——MoRo was named "the coolest 14 products" and "the best 10 robots at present"by many media such as CNN,.

At the 2017 Microsoft Technology and Ecology Conference,Our  robot——MoRo,, in cooperation with the Microsoft Asia Research Institute, has shown the application and future of the robot in the intelligent retail.We used the robot operating system, the robot movement and the intelligence under own intellectual property, completed the field display of the General Assembly, and obtained the very high degree of attention.

In 2017,Dimension Robotics has been appraised as "Zhongguancun Golden seed Enterprise"by Zhongguancun Management Committee.In

2018,Dimension Robotics has been Awarded as "Creative Technology subversive Innovation list 50" by the Organizing Committee (National Development and Reform Commission, China Science and Technology Association), it is also awarded the 2018 CIFTIS Excellent Product Award, and the IOTE 2018 Gold Award.At the same time, it has also become a national high-tech enterprises.

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Zhuhai Dimension Robotics Co.Ltd