Zhejiang Keda Electronics Co., Ltd

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Company Profile Introduction

Zhejiang Keda Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is a high-tech company specializing in the production, development, sales and technical services of electromagnetic flowmeter, dynamic balance valve and wireless (GPRS) remote monitoring system.

The company produces a full range of electromagnetic flowmeters, including pipeline electromagnetic flowmeters, plug-in electromagnetic flowmeters, open channel electromagnetic flowmeters, dissatisfied pipe electromagnetic flowmeters, river electromagnetic flowmeters (production license No. of measuring instruments: zhe Zhi 0800016), paperless recorders, intelligent flow integrators and GPRS (CDMA) data transmission modules. Professional development of data and image remote monitoring system. The company has built a large-diameter water flow standard device (measuring diameter: dn10-dn3000, flow range: 0.02-210m) 3/ Min), and the volume accuracy of the device reaches 0.05%. At the same time, a circulating calibration device and an open channel flowmeter calibration device are also built. The dynamic (electric) balance valve produced by the company has independent intellectual property rights, stable flow, but continuously adjustable.

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Zhejiang Keda Electronics Co., Ltd