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Yichang Jiangxia Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Presses, Wind Power Generation Equipment, Steel Structural Parts

  • Location:

    No. 29 Fazhan road, Yichang city, Hubei China

  • Official Website

Yichang Jiangxia marine machinery CO., LTD. (hereafter refer to JMD) is a large heavy power machinery manufacturing plant which belong to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, JMD was founded in 1970 with a plant area about 1,130,000 square meters, registered assets is 300,757,600.00RMB (Roughly 47.8+ MM USD), JMD own 849 persons, approx. 200 professional technical personnel. There is substantial equipment including equipment for machining, fabrication, stamping & forming and heat-treatment as well as surface treatment,  equipment quantity approximate 1600 sets,  JMD is a large machinery manufacturing plant full of manufacturing capability. 

JMD have established a perfect modern enterprise management system, certified by ISO9001-2015, authorized to self-operate import and export trade, have qualified to design and manufacture Level I, II, III Pressure Vessel as well as pressure tubing assembly per GB codes. JMD have kinds of advanced testing apparatus and certified as state measurement center Level II. JMD is a high-tech enterprise & civilization enterprise in Hubei province and is a provincial-level enterprise technology center. In 2012, JMD entered the “China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation".

There are approx. 200 professional technical personnel; JMD is a high-tech enterprise & civilization enterprise in Hubei province and is a provincial-level enterprise technology center, With design and manufacturing capability, JMD have high quality technical quality management team, providing technical support and service for product manufacturing and quality control.

JMD have capable of welding, machining, surface treatment, assembly, test ability, test method is complete, with a number of cutting machine, Forging equipment, welding equipment, heat treatment equipment, and a large number of CNC milling machine, boring machine, lathe, and other machining equipment.

Main machines as below:

Machining machines: NC milling machine 5×18M, 4×12M, 3.6×16M, 3×8M, 2.5×6M, and NC horizontal boring and milling machines φ260mm, φ220mm, φ200mm, φ130mm. NC boring machines 5×10M, 4×8M, NC vertical lather φ 6300mm,  φ3400mm,  φ2000mm as well as horizontal lather φ2000×10000 & φ2000×8000 and other machining machines etc.

Welding machines: major capacity is about 250,000Tons, fabrication shops area about 34000 square meters, largest lifting capacity is about 100Tons.

Workshop show, heat treatment  workshop and painting workshop: heat treatment furnace  5×5×15m 1 set, 4×4×12m 1 set, paint room 6,8 x 8 x 15M , 6 x 8 x 15m, spray zinc room , heat treatment equipment  such as tempering, nitridation, quenching and carburization;

Final assembly shop with steel platform, shop area about 10000 square meters, largest lifting capacity is about 100Tons

JMD have own terminal, railway lines, freight yards and lifting, transportation, assembly team, in order to provide timely & effective reasonable transport services.

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Yichang Jiangxia Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.