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Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co.,Ltd

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    Pure Electric Van Logistics Vehicle, Passenger Car, Bus

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Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hi-Tech Automobile Co., Ltd.) is a joint venture between China Hi-Tech Group Corporation and the Suizhou City government in Hubei Province. In June 2010, China Hi-Tech's Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (listed company with share code 000666) completed the strategic reorganization of Hubei New Chufeng Automobile Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 311.42 million yuan. As of June 2017, the company's registered capital has expanded to 1.05349 billion yuan. Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., located in Suizhou City, Hubei Province. It has light, medium and heavy truck chassis, three types of bus chassis and complete vehicle, bus, school bus, special vehicle production qualification, in 2017, Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. has obtained the qualification of the equipment contractor unit of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, and has been registered in the list of equipment contract units of the people's Liberation Army of China. The company's products cover more than 200 varieties of new energy vehicle series, truck series, dump truck series, traction vehicle series, special purpose vehicle series, bus series, semi-trailer series, wide-body mining vehicle series chassis and complete vehicle. The company is influential in the industry with a certain degree of popularity and reputation, some products are exported to Angola, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and other countries. Currently the company has 713 employees, including 333 heavy truck chassis employees, 218 bus employees, 165 employees of new energy vehicles. The first phase of the project will build 20,000 new energy vehicle assembly lines with advanced production technology and equipment configuration, 8000 special automobile chassis workshops, and 5000 buses assembly lines; the second phase of the construction of 48,000 square meters of special vehicle production workshops, new energy vehicle production workshops, frame production workshops and sales centers and other comprehensive supporting facilities have been completed. At present, the company is planning to construct painting workshops, test track, water trial runways and other projects. The company's scale will be further expanded. Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd will carry out the vision of China Hi-tech Group Corporation “benefit the world, welcome all sentient beings, keep the world in mind and to attain the same goal”, and steadily promote the company's strategic transformation with a global perspective.

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Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co.,Ltd