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Brand exploration Mont Dolent (3823 meters height) is a mountain in the mountains of Mont Blanc, located on the border of Italy, Switzerland and France. On December 29, 2015, Mont Dolent, a high-end TV mount brand, was born on the top of Europe. With the brand spirit of "being extraordinary" and the "ideal creation of mechanical structure, releasing aesthetic space" brand concept, and "The best Mount, or nothing" quality standards, Mont Dolent has been working hard to provide customers with the safest mechanical structure and a rational viewing experiences. Branch Mont Dolent, is a brand from the peak of Europe, headquartered in Hong Kong, responsible for product sales in the global market, our products are located in more than 50 countries around the world; the manufacturing base is located in Chinas home appliance capital "Shunde", with a more complete supporting intelligence Quality audio and video rack. Our products With our 20 years of knowledge and experience, our products suitable for flat and curved TVs, computer monitors, smart phones and tablets, projectors, speakers, cable TV boxes and other entertainment electronic devices, TV stands and carts. Design and innovation Our products are from the masters of Italian design, rational aesthetics, simple and complex, pursuing the perfect balance of avant-garde design and original texture, and the perfect fusion of mechanics and aesthetics. Our products are manufactured in automated equipment, automatic powder-spraying equipment and perfect quality management system, with high quality to retailers and net sales around the world, to provide consumers with good and excellent products, and obtained multiple designs And structural patents. We continue to improve and innovate our products, and at the same time develop our product categories to meet the needs of more consumers. We guarantee that all parts of the products are environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled. Our department The company includes R & D, marketing, design, logistics, quality control management, finance and sales departments. Easy to assemble on your own The simple 3-step method is assembled on its own, with detailed assembly instructions and all necessary parts and hardware in each product. Strict standards and lifetime warranty We have studied and researched European TUV, American UL, global VESA and other standards to develop our products. High-quality manufacturing and continuous improvement make our products have a lifetime warranty. Quickly respond to changing market demands Our products are in the process of our marketing, according to the changing market and consumer needs, a professional and rigorous system is formed by the technology, production, manufacturing and quality departments to develop higher and newer products, as well as competition price to meet the needs of various markets. Marketing support We provide dealers, chain stores and dealers with all marketing tools, equipment and guidance needed to sell products, such as display racks, catalogs, brochures, websites, etc. We take full responsibility for the entire sales process, from factory to the consumer. Customer and consumer relations We often conduct market research and consumer survey from electronic products in the entertainment field. We listen to our customers and consult them to understand their needs and preferences. We solve every problem quickly and thoroughly, so our customers experience their complete satisfaction. We are eager for consumers who buy our products will not only feel that they bought an excellent product, but they also enhance their viewing experience. Our vision With more favorable price and the safest quality to bring consumers a perfect visual and auditory experience. Our quality guidelines: THE BEST MOUNT, OR NOTHING. Our business partner We will work hard to increase the satisfaction of our partners and manage them and their accounts, just as we manage our own employees. We will take measures to reduce customers’ complaints and quickly handle each complaint to prevent recurrence. Our prices will be competitive according to the markets standard prices. We will provide our business partners with all the marketing materials, so they will sell our products better and pilot them throughout the sales process.

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