Baoding Changan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Ambulances,Mini Truck,School Bus,SUV,Vans...

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Baoding Changan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Ambulances,Mini Truck,School Bus,SUV,Vans

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Baoding Changan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changan Automobile. Its traditional business is mainly engaged in producing and selling large and medium-sized buses and school buses. After entering the field of light vehicles in 2011, it gradually introduced minibus, light truck, pickup, MPV, commuter bus, school bus and corresponding new energy and special vehicle models. Now it has shaped the brand image of "Smart Logistics Expert and Reliable Family Companion". Besides, it successfully created three major product brands, "Changan Raesor, Changan Shenqi, Changan Kaicene". The production and sales volume of Changan buses has rapidly increased from 44,000 in 2011 to 99,000 in 2019; it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the light commercial vehicle industry. Changan Bus is fully integrated with Changan Auto’s manufacturing, R&D, quality and management abilities. Changan Light Commercial Vehicle R&D Center was established in Dingzhou, Hebei in October 2015. It became an important part of Changan Automobiles global R&D system. Changan LCV R&D Center has formed a professional and exclusive R&D capability for light commercial vehicles, with the ability to launch 1-2 new products per year. Changan Bus has applied the construction project of the Hebei Key Laboratory projects in 2019 and was successfully included in the construction plan of the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province. Changan Bus was rated as a Provincial Strategic Emerging "Two Top 100" Enterprise and an Innovative Enterprise with characteristic industrial clusters in Hebei Province. According to Changan Autos "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", Changan Bus has formulated the "Vision 2025" strategic goal: It will achieve production and sales of 110,000 units in 2020, 200,000 units in 2022, and 300,000 units in 2025.

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Baoding Changan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.