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Beijing Jinmei Entrepreneur Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, Nickel Hard cast iron, and iron-based ceramic composite materials, ZTA ceramic mechanical parts

  • Location:

    Floor No. 1403, TaiRan Building, No.36 Gusheng Road, ShiJingShan District, Beijing, China, 100043

  • Official Website

Beijing JinMei Entrepreneur Co., Ltd (DJM) is established in March, 2006 and located in Zhongguancun High-tech Park in Beijing, China. It is a research and development, production, export sales of Internet + new materials manufacturing enterprises. Company's main business includes import and export, metal matrix composites, wear-resistant and heat-resistant material, castings and forgings, hardware and electrical, mining equipment, etc.

Our company is mainly engaged in wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials, composite materials and new materials development, production, import and export. The main products: all kinds of high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, Nickel Hard cast iron, and iron-based ceramic composite materials, ZTA ceramic mechanical parts.

Our company keeps the most advanced research achievements of theory and application in modern industrial production practice, and get the customer satisfaction in wear-resistant and heat-resistant material, and make full use of existing market and internet to occupy the industry's high-end market rapidly, this make the company become a new materials company with leading technology, first-class products, production stability, market recognition and modern management.

After years of development, relying on years of experience in technology and industry accumulation, the company differentiates the development of market positioning early, is located in the overseas market business of wear-resistant materials, compound materials and new materials products sales. Through the long-term market observation and analysis of need, the company can give more attention on research of wear resistant castings with various materials, and to understand the international and domestic advanced wear-resistant composite materials at the forefront of technology, thus to guide the company to research and develop the new material. At present, the company has built a R & D team with the actual R & D capability, and introduced advanced ceramic wear-resistant materials to the market. The future business development of the Company is forward-looking, and is good for continuing to develop in the field of wear resistant material.

Nowadays, DJM have lots of foreign customers, and the volume of business is increasing. In the further development, we still follow our goal which is excellent quality and great service. Welcome all friends come to visit and negotiation.

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Beijing Jinmei Entrepreneur Co., Ltd.