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Weihai Lionshare Hydraulics Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Main Products:

    Hydraulic Rotary,Actuators,valve actuators,tilt attachment

  • Location:

    The second plant,Yekou,Wenquan,Weihai,China

  • Official Website


We are the most professional, complete and best manufacturer of Rotary Actuator industry in China. At present, there are 8 series and more than 200 specifications. Now our company has more than 300 domestic customers and 80 foreign customers, with an annual output value of more than 60 million. Our company has more than 100 people, 30 with college degree or above, including 

20 with bachelor degree or above; 15 people have more than 10 years of hydraulic rotary actuator and component manufacturing experience, and 5 of them are senior technicians with professional title or above.

Our products are widely used in mining machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical machinery and other industries, including Sany, XCMG, CRCHI, Zoomlion, CRRC times, Xingbang, Yunxiang, Hangcha, etc., and also used in deep-sea exploration, mechanical arm and other high-end and national projects.

We are conscientious to create each part, meticulous quality control. We use excellent product quality to show you our charm, to show the charm of made in China to the world.

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Weihai Lionshare Hydraulics Technology Co.,Ltd.