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  • Main Products:

    Agriculture ,Forest machinery,Power tools,Generators

  • Location:

    Jinhua Industry Zone,NO.727 ShenLi Road,Jinhua,Zhejiang,China.321016

  • Official Website

--Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery & Electron Co.,Ltd. , located in jinhua Industrial District, is closed to the highway of Jinliwen & Hangjinqu & 330 National Highway, which enjoys convenient transportation.

    Products---Pioneer has established various products line including Agriculture & Forest machinery,Power tools,Generators,Garden tools,Motor & Commucation project on basis of modern engine technique import, assemilation and innovation, which facilitates them to form their technique advantages. It testfies that Pioneer has transferred its focus from cost to overal production capability in competing with other corporations.Brand Establishment----Pioneer insists on producing the exquisite products to set up national brand with Chinese characteristics.

    Management----Pioneer insists on applying scientific development view, which takes the condition of domestic & abroad markets into consideration, and absorb the modern abroad management model.It has explored "Crisis management method" & "Corporation-chain"management method which fits its development and forms a positive development cycle.Creat job opportunities---Pioneer has established certain development scale and it is capable of providing a lot of job opportunities for the localities.

    Feedback to the society--- Pioneer strictly obeys the national ordinaries and pays its revenue to the full amount. Meanwhile, it engages itself enthusiastically in the social charity industry and devotes to the education industry.Order process performance,focusing on improved information dissemination for contract performance,logistics,capital investment,after-sales services and inventory and operation cost reduction.Pioneer's production and management system has enabled the company to diversify internal and external resources.At present,Pioneer enter into jumping develop phase basically.

    Facing the challenges brought by E-Commerce and China's accession to the WTO,Pioneer establish a international promotion framework which encompasses global networks for design,production,distribution and after-sales services.The core of Pioneer's development is"Creativity,Speed & Seek Excellence".All Pioneer's employees strive to reach the target set forth in Pioneer's program.


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