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    Nuclear power engineering, coal and electricity engineering, clean energy, power grid project

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Zhejiang Thermal Power Company was established in 1958. ZTPC is a subsidiary of the China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd (CEEC). From its formation until now ZTPC has achieved constant growth and strong development. ZTPC is now a strong professional and general contractor; ZTPC engages in the construction and maintenance of thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, green energy projects and power network projects.

ZTPC holds class 1 general contractors qualifications in electric power construction,thermal power  equipment installation, environmental protection projects and pipeline installation projects; class 2 general contractors qualifications in: building construction, hoisting equipmeninstallation,petroleum and chemical related construction; Licenses for: electric power facilities installation, maintenance and commissioning, pressure equipment installation and pressurized pipelines(GA1, GB, GC1); Certificate of international engineering construction; ZTPC obtained OHS and environmental management qualifications much earlier than other industry competitors in mainland China. ZTPC apart from the accreditations mentioned above also possesses strong resources in welding, steel structure manufacturing, over-sized equipment transport and engineering software development.
To date ZTPC has completed the installation of over 180 power generation units, or in energy terms that is in excess of 43000MW. The projects ZTPC has undertaken can be found in over 20 provinces and autonomous regions throughout mainland China. ZTPC is currently undertaking global projects; ZTPC has completed large scale projects in Egypt, India and Indonesia.
In the international market ZTPC has also yielded notable progress. In 1994 ZTPC undertook its first international project: Self-supplied Coal-fired Power Plant of Indonesia RAPP (1x125MW units). In 2006, ZTPC took on the construction and installation work of Labuhan Angin Coal-fired Power Station (2x15MW units) located in North Sumatra, Indonesia, all the work from earth excavation to 4?68h trial running was completed by ZTPC; the works were handed over in Sept, 2009. From 2008 to 2010, ZTPC assumed the overhaul and maintenance work of Indonesia Cilacap Tjilatjap Power Station and Palembang Power station. At present, the projects of Egypt's ABU-QIR Power Station (2x50MW units) and Indonesia's Jeneponto Power Plant (2x25MW units) are under construction by ZTPC.
ZTPC strives for quality engineering, and through persistent hard work ZTPC has produced many award winning projects which have contributed to the forward development of the national power industry. In 1987 ZTPC undertook phase I of Qinshan conventional island nuclear plant, the first of its kind in mainland China, and around the same time period ZTPC also participated in the pipeline installation work of Dayawan nuclear island project. In 2005 the first set, to be used in mainland China, of 9F heavy combustion engines installed into the Huadian Banshan Power Plant, also constructed by ZTPC, along with the plant were put into operation. In 2006 ZTPC commissioned the first set of super-critical thermal power generation units into the Yuhuan Huaneng power plant. In 2009 ZTPC undertook the world's first AP1000 nuclear power project: Sanmen nuclear power plant.


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