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    Locomotive, Diesel engine, Main Locomotive Components,Forging and Casting Parts,Locomotive Repair

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 CRRC QISHUYAN CO., LTD. (abbreviated as “Company” hereafter) is located in Changzhou Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu province and in the middle of Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, affiliated with CRRC Corporation Limited. The company is recognized as the developing, manufacturing and maintaining base for diesel locomotives for passenger and freight transport in Chinese railway.

 Established in 1898, the company was called Shanghai Wusong Locomotive Factory. In 1936, Wusong Locomotive Factory was moved to Qishuyan district of Changzhou city and was renamed Qishuyan Locomotive Factory. It was the first large modern factory in Changzhou. The company covers a floor area of 980 thousand square meters around, has more than 3500 sets of various equipment and strong machining and manufacture capability. In recent years, production of electric locomotive and metro rail welding vehicle was successively conducted in the company, manufacture base of inter-city rail car was built, the company has comprehensively entered into many areas of rail transit equipment including diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, inter-city rail cars and engineering machinery.

 The company now has more than 3800 employees, including more than 1200 technical and managerial personnel; 1400 high-skilled talents such as technician, senior technician, senior worker; 12 experts who enjoy the State Council special allowance, 1 young and middle-aged expert who made  outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province, 5 people won Mao Yisheng Railway Engineer Award, 4 people won Zhan Tianyou Youth Award, 7 people who have become cultivation objects at the third level of 333 High Level Talent Project in Jiangsu Province, 1 person who got remarkable contribution award in science and technology in Changzhou, 2 people who made outstanding contributions in Changzhou. The company has been granted many titles such as “Pilot Base of Workers Education and Training”, “Good Demonstration Base of High Skilled Talents Cultivation in Jiangsu Province” , “Industrial Design Center in Jiangsu Province”, “Demonstration Site of Scholarly Enterprise Construction”, and has successively been granted many awards at national, provincial, municipal levels “National Outstanding Contribution Award of Cultivating Skilled Talents”, “Award for High Skilled Talents Training Cradle”, “National May 1st Labor Prize”, “National Civilized Unit”, “Jiangsu Five-star Cloudification Enterprise”, “Changzhou Five-star Enterprise ” and so on.

 The company has established National Enterprise Technology Center, National Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Nationally-recognized Measuring and Testing Lab, Enterprise Academician Workstation, Engineering Research Center in Jiangsu Province, and has leading design and manufacturing capacity of diesel locomotive, testing and verification capacity and the platform for developing diesel engine in the country as well as mature experience and R&D strength of developing diesel locomotive and engine. In recent years, to meet the needs of railway market, we have developed and manufactured a wide range of representative railway products including DF8 locomotive, DF9 locomotive, DF11 locomotive, DF8B heavy-load freight locomotive, “New Dawn” Quasi-high speed DMU, GKD2 locomotive, DF11Z special locomotive, “Xueyushenzhou” locomotive, GK2C locomotive, DF11G Quasi-high speed passenger locomotive, plateau locomotive, DF8CJ AC transmission freight diesel locomotive, “ Harmony Great Wall” DMU, HXN5 high power AC transmission diesel locomotive, HXN5B AC transmission shunting locomotive, permanent magnet hybrid power shunting locomotive, FX type AC transmission freight diesel locomotive, etc. These railway products play an important role in providing services for China railway, local railway and industrial and mining enterprises. Among these locomotives, DF11 locomotive is developed and manufactured for railway speed-up for the first time, which marks the beginning of China railway speed-up; HXN5 high power AC transmission diesel locomotive manufactured cooperatively with GE Company has become a major freight locomotive running on the mainline of Chinese railway; self-developed HXN5B shunting locomotive with obvious advantages in all technical indexes has gained recognition from customers.

 The company steps up “go global” strategy and makes every effort to explore the international market. So far, many locomotives and components have been exported and sold to Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, Kenya, Jamaica, Tanzam, Nigeria, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Thailand, Cambodia     and so on. As for the delivered locomotives for broad, narrow and standard gauge railway, the company has received favorable responses from overseas customers.

 Relying on its own advantages and sticking to the thoughts of taking differentiated development strategy, the company strives to develop new industries. Mid-to-high-end large railway maintenance machinery products which have been developed and launched such as rail welding vehicle, rail flaw detecting vehicle, bridge testing vehicle, rail testing vehicle have entered into the subway market in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and have gotten the favorable feedback from the market, marking a new breakthrough we have made in industrial transformation of the company.

 Standing on a new starting point of development for the 14th Five Year Plan, the development vision of the company is to serve the strategy of “strength in transport”, to practice the initiative of “the Belt and Road”, to fit in the goal of “building a respectable and world-class CRRC”, to focus on the main line of high quality development, to stick to the two themes of “diversification and digitization”, to promote three changes of “quality, efficiency and vitality”, to highlight four guarantees “party building leadership, strategy management, innovation-driven, risk prevention and control”, to become a first-rate manufacturer and service provider with integrated “manufacture, repair, components and service”, outputting traction power of railway transportation equipment and power package of diesel engine, and to spare no effort to achieve higher business performance.

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