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Has nearly 50 years history of the development of Zhenjiang four built Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 1958, formerly known as Zhenjiang City Construction Company ", is a national Grade A general contractor qualification of construction enterprises in Jiangsu Province, construction and installation strength of the top fifty one? rated AAA by Jiangsu Provincial Government and trustworthy contract "units, 2007 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a national" Credible Enterprises for many years by Jiangsu Province Construction Bank as "AAA grade credit enterprise for ten consecutive years, Jiangsu Province Construction Industry Association awarded the title of" best construction enterprise in Jiangsu Province, for eight consecutive years by Jiangsu Province Construction Bureau named "the construction industry in Jiangsu Province, advanced unit" , won the Jiangsu Province advanced units of the safety production management, advanced quality management unit of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Province advanced machinery and equipment management unit title. The company has always been in the past few decades the Mayans process, the pursuit of results "as the spirit of customer satisfaction as the pursuit of business. In 2005, the Commerce Department foreign contracted business qualification certificate in 1998 through the ISO9002 international quality system certification in 2006 by environmental and occupational health and safety of the "three cards-one" system certification standards. For many years by well-known building contractor in Jiangsu Province, a lot of "spiritual civilization, Jiangsu Province advanced units and construction of education in Jiangsu Province advanced units" honorary title. Honor is the past, now the Zhenjiang four built in the trend of economic globalization, are actively integrate into the world construction market, construction footprints all over Russia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Oman and other Eurasian countries, with growing strength, The pioneers of the business team and the innovative core technology, and strive to create first-class enterprises, nurturing the first-class team, and constantly develop the first-class technology for the development of the city, the country's construction and social progress to create more first-class fine handed down ......     One thousand of the company's existing staff, the average technical level of 13.7 and 451 people, all kinds of technical and economic titles of management personnel, including senior technical titles 32, 419 intermediate primary economic titles, a construction division registered by the National Certification 42, 76 construction division, Jiangsu Province certified registered Class A security officer 12 (the main person in charge), 118 Class B Safety Officer (Project Manager), 121 C-class security staff (full-time security staff) a strong human resources to ensure the development of the company.    The Company itself to the construction output value of 2 billion yuan -25 million, all kinds of metal scaffolding pipe template over 12 thousand t, 1200 sets of various types of construction machinery and equipment, equipment, the total power of 50,000 kilowatts? Able to adapt to various types of work construction 78 sets of large construction equipment, transport vehicles more than 90 units, focus on various types of pile driver, excavators, loaders, concrete mixing plant, concrete pump, 8T-130T automotive crane, 25T-M ~ 100T-M Crane, slip mold hydraulic equipment 126 sets of machinery and equipment, and other construction machinery, with a variety of advanced welding equipment and machinery.    We have the ability to project under construction general contracting, including housing construction general contractor Class: You can take a single Construction contract amount not more than five times the registered capital of enterprises, construction of housing construction in progress (40 floors and rooms of the following types of span works, structures below an altitude of 240 meters, construction area of ​​200,000 square meters and below the residential district and building groups); steel structure engineering contractor Class: You can take all kinds of steel works (including grid, light steel structure engineering distribution station) production, and mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contracting two: You can assume the investment of 15 million yuan and below general industry and public, civil construction projects, equipment, installation, wiring, plumbing installation, 10 kV and below engineering, non-standard steel structures, production and installation; fire facilities engineering contractor two: You can take a building height of 100 meters and below the construction area of ​​50,000 square meters and below the housing construction, flammable, flammable liquids and combustible gas production, construction of storage devices and other fire facilities; lifting equipment installation engineering contracting two: assume a single contract amount does not exceed the enterprises registered capital of 5 times 1000 kN m, and below the tower crane and other lifting equipment, crane 120 tons and the following and gantry crane installation and demolition; Prestressed engineering contractor: You can take the various types of prestressed works; foundation engineering professional contract 3: be able to absorb the project cost $ 3 million and the following types of foundations and foundation engineering construction.    The company's technical staff familiar with the relevant technical regulations, norms and standards, with civil construction and installation of the new technology of the technology practice experience and a strong digestion, absorption capacity, to develop a comprehensive set of operating procedures for civil construction in the years of civil construction and installation works , the installation of operating procedures and quality management, safety management, environmental management, civil construction management, installation, project management, engineering and technology management, schedule management, operations and contract management, the owners pay a return visit management, human resources with the management and training, records management, administrative management and a complete set of management procedures, and effective implementation.    After years of development and accumulation, the company has its own distinctive corporate culture and business philosophy, to carry forward with "enterprise, employees rich, to create harmony Zhenjiang build" the main theme; adhere to safety, quality, funding, cost, duration 5 a unified, "turned over to the wages of workers paid on time, cost of labor outsourcing team by agreement to pay the target of" three guarantees. Control of accidents in safety management, to control risk shift, established the "Top Ten security concept; in quality management, the annual number of City excellent or create quality objectives of the Yangtze Cup Award, for the realization of the economic and social benefits the maximization of a solid guarantee.

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