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--The Riviera Group is the design, production, sales and pumps, water supply equipment and pump control equipment in one large pump company, is the pump industry leading enterprises in China. The total assets of 2.5 billion yuan, with seven companies, five industrial parks in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning, Anhui and other provinces, a total area of ​​nearly 1,000 acres of productive construction area of ​​350,000 square meters. The Riviera Group, Shanghai Quality Gold Award "," top 100 private enterprises of Shanghai ", the" top 100 enterprises in Shanghai, "Shanghai Famous Brand", "Shanghai Famous Brand" and "Famous Chinese trademarks, "China Quality Credit AAA", "National Contract Credit Grade AAA", "quality, reputation, service excellent enterprise", "China's most competitive product trademark", "national enterprise culture building advanced units" The title of honor, the 2011 Riviera selected National Machinery 500 ranked first in the pump industry.     The high-end talent and a skilled staff is the driving force for development of Riviera. Group currently employs 6000 people, 80% of employees have a college education, including more than 750 engineering and technical personnel, mainly composed of renowned pump experts, professors, doctors and masters, senior engineers, innovative thinking echelon personnel structure.      Technological innovation, is the source of life in the Riviera Everlasting. The Group is a high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Model Enterprise and Shanghai patent demonstration enterprise. Shanghai-level enterprise technical centers, and 5% of total sales each year for technological innovation and new product development. The introduction of the flow field of the world's most advanced CFD hydrodynamics professional analysis of CAE finite element theory calculation CIMATRON 3D of CAD, CAM, CAE, FMS, such as research and design software systems. Established long-term strategic partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangsu University, nearly 10 universities and research institutes, as the core technology with independent intellectual property rights system. Patented two hundred (including five national invention patents), the scientific and technological achievements to promote two projects of national construction industry, a National Science and Technology Progress Award.     Advanced R & D and manufacturing equipment system is a powerful protection of Riviera. The Riviera Group has Mechanics Laboratory, Water Resources Research, Materials Application Research of three state-of-Research. Thermal shock test, high-precision closed test bed, large-scale water conservancy test center three leading domestic and even reached the world advanced level test platform. At the same time, the Riviera has the most advanced, most complete manufacturing equipment system, now equipped with 1200 units / sets of advanced production and testing equipment. 56 sets of imported equipment, 240 sets of large-scale processing equipment, and more than 300 units / sets of CNC machining equipment. For example, WFT13 CNC boring and milling machine, KTL-1600 CNC Vertical Lathe, TK6916 CNC boring and milling machining center, 8 m CNC Vertical Lathe, CNC gantry milling, 2, 2.5 m, CNC Vertical Lathe, HD7VS high-speed balancing machines and so on. In order to fully enter the nuclear power, thermal power pump field, to invest 150 million, the construction of a heavy construction area of ​​10,000 square meters workshop, plant rail height of 24 meters, single-hook lifting 150 tons of traffic, with nuclear power main pump assembly. And invested 300 million heavily in a large number of the most advanced technology and equipment imported from abroad, such as Profimill4000/100-T six five axis gantry milling centers, nine five axis floor type boring and milling machining center, AC46TM-4000 heavy-duty high-precision vertical turning milling center TRT314HS six five axis machining center, 2.5 m of heavy high-precision vertical milling center, with international advanced manufacturing capability, protection of nuclear power, thermal power pumps and other high-end product quality.     Creating customer value, the relentless pursuit of Riviera. 2011 Group sales of three billion yuan, the second more than the industry nearly doubled among the national pumps industry sales for nine consecutive years. The Group attaches great importance to the combination of services and technology, service and business value-added services, and 300 technical support engineers provide customers with a full range of professional programs to support. Advanced ERP systems and e-commerce system to respond quickly to user needs full control of the order fulfillment process. Service network covering the whole country - 32 sales branches, 361 offices, the implementation of the "Blue Fleet", and 4-hour rapid response mechanism to respond to customer needs at any time. Riviera from beginning to end for the customer, to meet the needs of individual customers, to build a reliable world boutique.     Riviera products, and become a model for national key projects. The Riviera Group has successfully passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification "system" and American RAB multilateral international certification. The products cover dozens of categories, construction, municipal, power, petroleum, chemical, mining, nuclear power and nearly 100 series, and now, "Riviera" products all over: North Water Diversion Project, Pakistan's Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, Datang Baoji Thermal Power Plant , the Weiqiao long Hill plant, the North Sea power plant, Huangdao oil depots, Sinopec Tianjin one million tons ethylene project, Huaibei Mining Bureau, Anyang Iron and Steel, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the Expo, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Pudong above the national key projects of the International Airport, Shanghai Maglev, the Beijing Subway.     Grasp the opportunity to face the future, The Riviera Group, the momentum for a comprehensive upgrade, leapfrog development and is committed to the localization of the field of nuclear power, large-scale thermal power, petrochemical, military, desalination and other high-end pump products for the Chinese pump industry the rise of our contribution, to shape a world-renowned brand to achieve sales target of 12 billion by 2015, to become internationally competitive multinational companies to enter the top ten in the world pump!

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