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    Meter,Instrument,Power Generating Equipment,Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electric Machine,Electrical Appliance (high, low voltage),Industrial Boiler,Heavy Mining Machinery and Equipment,Machinery and Equipment for Construction Materials,General Machinery and Equipment,

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Suzhou, CBMI Construction Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Suzhou Sinoma) for the the Sinoma international backbone subsidiary is a smelting construction general contractor and a number of professional-level construction qualification, have the right to operate import and export rights of foreign contracted projects , complete sets of projects with foreign assistance, implementation of enterprise qualifications, passed the ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety of three standard one "integrated management system certification, through the high-tech enterprises recognized by the large engineering company.   The company mainly engaged in general contracting in the inside and outside the large and medium-sized cement production line; equipment installation; building materials and equipment manufacturing; cement plant production and protection; cement plant in repair; import and export trade business.   In 2002, the company in order to speed up the integration with the international cement project contracting and management, timely adjustment of the enterprise development strategy: "based on cement engineering industry, and vigorously expand domestic and international engineering contracting market, maintain the dominant position of the domestic market, and actively explore new areas, firm sternly strong and excellent, and the bigger company industry. The general contractor of the development project as a major development direction. After the successful operation of recent years, contracted a number of general contracting projects, and successfully transformed into an engineering design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, construction, commissioning services, training of personnel, and other items to be covered by an equipment installation ISP stage system integration the general contractor.  More than 50 years, Suzhou Sinoma witnessed the growth of China's cement industry, from the East China Sea to the snow-covered plateau to the Gobi desert, from the Yangtze River Delta, the country's 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have left the Suzhou Sinoma people, footprint to strict management, superb construction, quality and efficient industry and society as building materials Iron. The company has undertaken most of the domestic cement production line focus of the project's construction, the cumulative construction of new dry process cement production lines of more than 400 (including: full general contracting project 56). Zongyang conch of 10000t / d, Shui Ying Yang 12000t / d as the representative of the cement production line put into operation with the international advanced level and to promote China's cement industry with the successful implementation of the domestic cement general contracting projects, upgrading, made positive efforts to accelerate the structural adjustment of cement industry.  Based on the domestic at the same time, the company insist on the implementation of "going out" strategy, actively expanding the international market of cement works. In recent years, the company has undertaken a number of cement production line, the Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Angola and other foreign construction projects. (Completed by the Chinese cement industry overseas 5000t / d general contracting projects, offshore Engineering Luban Award), and the United Arab Emirates UCC10000t / d cement production line with the Vietnamese the Fukuyama cement company company contracted 5000t / d cement production line (China cement industry in the overseas completion of the first million tons of cement production line, the successful construction of the Sinoma scientific and technological progress), advanced in the world to enhance the level of technology and construction of China's cement industry has made a positive contribution.   In the company access to the extraordinary development of the Suzhou Sinoma won the dual recognition of the market and society. The company won the Suzhou City, the contract and trustworthy enterprise "," Suzhou Municipal Foreign Economic Cooperation of advanced units ", the well-known building contractor in Jiangsu Province", the best construction enterprise in Jiangsu Province "," National Customer Satisfaction Construction Enterprise ", "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", the building materials industry management of innovative enterprises "honors. As a pursuit of excellence in construction enterprises, the company will continue adhering to the "thoughtful and timely, high quality and efficient win-win cooperation throughout the" principle of service, and continuously push forward the work, to strive for excellence in innovation, adhere to its commitment, continued to create value for customers efforts to provide customers more satisfied with the service and dedication to the community more fine works.

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