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  • Main Products:

    Cement engineering contracting, cement engineering design, cement engineering construction, cement equipment manufacturing, application of new technologies

  • Location:

    Wangjing north road

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China sinoma international engineering Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "sinoma international") is the China national materials belong to state-owned assets supervision group's listed companies in China, the company integrating cement technology equipment engineering major advantage of resources based on was changed in 2001. Sinoma international main business is cement technology equipment and engineering, is the world's largest cement engineering system integration services one. The company has absolute advantage in domestic market, the market share of 34% in 2008, the world's largest. Company staff 9000 people (including management and technical research and development personnel 40%), 2008 sales income is 14.1 billion yuan, and profit, total 640 million yuan, year end a total asset of 18.6 billion yuan. The company mainly subordinate units including: tianjin cement industry design institute Co., LTD, chengdu building materials industry design institute Co., LTD, suzhou materials building design and research institute of building materials Co., LTD, zhejiang materials engineering design institute Co., LTD, construction material Co., LTD, suzhou materials construction Co., LTD, CBMHC construction Co., LTD, tianjin te electrical equipment installation engineering Co., LTD, China building materials equipment Co., LTD, zhongtian shi name technology company limited, tangshan materials heavy machinery Co., LTD., jiangsu materials equipment Co., LTD. And a number of professional design institute, engineering companies and equipment manufacturing company. Sinoma international has a complete cement engineering industry chain, with independent intellectual property rights of the NSP cement technology achieved the international advanced level.

Materials, after the establishment of the international in EPC and EP contract model is rapidly to the international stage, currently overseas business account for more than 70% of the company's turnover. The company has completed and is constructing foreign cement production line, accumulative total article involved in Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the united Arab emirates, India, Zambia, Morocco, Tanzania, Dominican republic, Ecuador, etc DuoGe 50 countries, has basically completed the international market distribution, becomes the international cement technology and equipment, and the main service engineering market, the company SINOMA brand to be a famous international brand.

Since its establishment, the company has won many honors, including the national labor diploma, the central enterprise advanced collective, the most growth enterprise, national engineering contracting first name, and 2009 of the world's most with potential listed company, 2008 year Chinese listed company,, Taurus 2007 listed companies in China,, has 2006 annual value of the top, main honors such as comprehensive background of the top. February 11, 2009, in Saudi Arabia on a state visit to President hu jintao visited here just for their Saudi RCC nissan 5000 tons of cement contracting projects, and encourage companies to insist on "over and over again science and technology innovation, display own superiority, improve the international market competitiveness". Sinoma international people will always remember that chairman, continuous entrust technical innovation and management innovation, to promote the internationalization company, for national industrial development to make due contributions.


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