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  • Main Products:

    Gas boiler, Kerosene heater, Heater, Gas Water Heater

  • Location:

    NO.42 Xiaolan Industrial Road South, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, PRC

  • Official Website

COMPANY PROFILE Chant Group, as the listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with its stock code 002616, was founded in 1985, specializing in the production and sales of gas appliances as well as environmental industry. With years of manufacturing experience, Chant Group takes an active part in the drafting and revision of industrial and national standards for five products, such as gas water heater, gas stove as well as plug valve. It is also one of the largest domestic gas appliance manufacturers and exporters. Manufacturing business covers gas valves, gas heaters, barbecue grills, gas cookers and gas appliance parts. There are three manufacturing bases: Chant Heat Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhongshan Junwei Metal Products Co., Ltd, and Jiangmen Huoli Group Co., Ltd. Chant Group is also a self-supporting company. It is equipped with mold making, die casting, forging, sheet metal stamping, cutting, slitting, mechanical cutting, welding, enamel, powder coating, assembly lines and other means of production. Gas appliance products are qualified with CE, CSA, UL, AGA and other international certification. Relying on favorable price and perfect quality, the products are sold far in America and Europe. Environmental industry consists of co-generation projects and biomass power generation projects. The application of high-efficiency, low emission technology significantly saves coal consumption and helps to relief air pollution

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