Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Electrical & Electronics

  • Location:

    No. 188, Nanhuan Roda, Tangqiao, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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Yinhe was one of the first manufacturers ventured into the PC business, our PC accessory products have already got a strong foothold in the marketplace, with the output capacity and varieties rated number one in the line, and the largest domestic supplier as well. The yinhe computer business has also found its way into the maret place in a fullgfledged way.

Yinhe possesses more than 20 years of r&d and manufacturing experience in electronic appliances. For example, bank interest calculator, telephone fee calculator, CATV converter, RF modulator, bank cipher-specimen reader, tax statistics processor, dvbs receiver, etc. New generations of yinhe products have greatly accelerated our country's technological improvements in business areas of finance, taxation, postal-telecommunication and radio&TV.

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Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.