Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd.,

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Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd.,
  • Location:

    Haitian Huayuan,#1 Nanhuan Rd Export processing zone,Beilun Ningbo China 315806

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Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd., a subsidiary of Haitian International Holdings Ltd., is a world market leader in the manufacture of injection-molding machines for standard applications in the medium and top-of-the-line segments of the plastic processing industry. Application-oriented research and development, a range of fair market prices plus sustainable solutions – this is and has been our profession for more than 50 years now.
Our steady focus is on innovative customer solutions for standard applications and the greatest production efficiency on both sides. We do this through the constant search for improvements in our own manufacturing processes, and by using energy-saving and uncomplicated technologies that concentrate on what really counts for our customers: low item costs, high efficiency, and optimal performance data over the long term.

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Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd.,