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China Railway Harbin Group of Technology Corp.

  • Main Products:

    Wayside Train Conditions Monitoring Systems; Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance Systems; Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) System; Train Wash Plant; Solution for Intelligent Workshop; Solution for Smart Wagons Shunting;

  • Location:

    No. 2599, Chengze Road, Songbei Dist., Harbin-150029, P.R. China

  • Official Website

About CRTC

CRTC is one of the leading suppliers of China railroads operators. In addition to CRC and local metro & commute railways, CRTC also serves the industries that rely on rail transport like agriculture, mines, chemicals and energy. Being expertise in R&D of integrated systems by incorporating with cutting-edge technologies, CRTC has been popularly recognized and renowned in railway industry across China for over 60 years.

What railway operators pursue is safer, smoother rail operation and more efficient assets management. CRTC shares the same value and always puts customers’ needs on top priority and endeavors to help them to achieve their goals with our innovative techniques, reliable systems, and customized solutions. 

Particularly, we devote to and specialize in supply of the following services and solutions to benefit railway operators. 

Products Portfolio – Wayside Train Conditions Monitoring Systems :

? THDS - Hot Box & Hot Wheel Detector (HBD & HWD) 

? TADS - Acoustic Bearing Detector (ABD) 

? TFDS - Machine Vision Detector (MVD) 

? TWDS - Wheel Profile Measurement System (WPMS) 

? TPDS - Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD) 

? Dragging Equipment Detector (DED)

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance Systems :

? JTV3C-I Pantograph and Overhead Line Monitoring System (POLMS)

? HTK-GMC10 Smart Rail Profile Grinding Machine

? HTK-GR Curve rail anti-wear system

Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) System 

Signaling (Axle Counting) System :

?JWJ-C axle counting system

Train Wash Plant

HMIS, a Solution for Intelligent Workshop

E-Shunt, a Solution for Smart Wagons Shunting 

Success Stories in the World

In early 2000s, CRTC entered into a periodic contract with Sydney Trains (formerly known as Rail Infrastructure Corp., RIC) for installation of hot box detector associating with hot wheel detector, dragging equipment detector and AEI in New South Wales railway network. So far total 20 sites in NSW have been built by CRTC with installation of the combined detectors which have been contributing to the safe operation of Sydney Trains.


From late 1990s, CRTC began to install retarders system in the hump & marshalling yards in Poland and North American Railway. So far thousands of intelligent retarders have been installed there contributing to safe and efficient shunting.

CRTC is the leading manufacturer and supplier of train wash plants (TWP). In addition to hundreds TWPs built in China, three TWPs are set up in Tehran Metro of Iran, Lahore Metro of Pakistan and Hanoi Metro of Vietnam.

In addition to above, CRTC’s wayside detectors have been installed and operating in Guinea Railway, Hong Kong Metro, Singapore Metro, etc. 


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China Railway Harbin Group of Technology Corp.