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Wuxi Xinshi Power Machine CO.,Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Die casting and precision machining for Aluminum alloy parts.Refined diesel engine and gasollne engine

  • Location:

    Mawen Road No.192,Mazhen district Xiake Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province,China

  • Official Website

 Wuxi Xinshi Power Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972. Through 30 years of hard work and continuous improvement, now the company has more than 800 employees including 58 employees who graduated from university or college, 42 senior engineers and over 400 skilled workers who graduated from vocational school. Scale of company has been expanded year by year and now the company covers a land of 70 thousand square meters and a building area of 50 thousand square meters. Technology and equipments have been optimized continuously and now the company has 38 sets of die-casting machines with coupling of 140T to 1600T, and the brand mark such as IDRA, UBE and TOYO, of which 8 sets has capacity of more than 1100 tons. The company also has more than 180 sets of vertical CNC machines and 9 sets of horizontal CNC machines,6 production lines of full automatic Robot Arm and more than 500 sets of lathes, grinders, honing machines, milling machines and other correlative equipments. The equipment effectively ensures stability and continuous improvement of product quality. The company has imported 6 sets of inspection and testing equipments from the USA and UK which have necessary inspection conditions for production. In 2002, the company successfully passed the SGS Company’s ISO9001 quality control system certification.The main products are precision die casting and machining for aluminum alloy parts, which are used as accessory parts for Auto, diesel engine and gasoline engine, Generator, Motors, motorcycles, Power tool, Electrical appliance, Air compressor, Telephone communications and assembly of finished products of diesel engine,generator, water pumu machine and air compressor. Now the company’s products are export-oriented and are mainly exported to the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan and Danmark, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

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Wuxi Xinshi Power Machine CO.,Ltd