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Jiangsu High Hope International Group Corporation

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Jiangsu High Hope International Group Corporation, founded in December 1996, is a large provincial state-owned enterprise. By merger and reorganization of several professional foreign trade companies, High Hope Group has presently become the largest provincial foreign trade enterprise and ranked in the top 500 Chinese enterprises,  top 500 Chinese foreign trade enterprises and top 500 Chinese service enterprises. In 2016, High Hope Group achieved the annual revenue of RMB 31.983 billion and the total import and export volume of USD 3.519 billion.


High Hope Group, adhering to the development principle of larger and stronger main business with appropriate diversification, has developed business sectors in trade, real estate, investment, manufacturing, logistics, services, etc. It has established extensive economic and trade relationships with over 200 countries and regions around the world, and held a leading position in export and import of textile and apparel, pulp paper and wood panels, ship and electromechanical equipment. Implementing the “Going Global” and “the Belt and Road” strategy and participating in international economic cooperation via multiple channels, High Hope Group has effectively advanced the internationalization progress. Adhering to the principle of “big customer, bulk commodity, key business”, the domestic trade has also realized rapid and strong developments. The group has built regional advantages in commodities such as electrolytic copper, fuel oil. The real estate sector has emerged quickly with simultaneous and healthy progresses in villa, condominium and commercial property projects as well as increasing brand influences. The group has taken controlling stakes in manufacturing subsidiaries in both upstream and downstream industries and held the share of security, banking, insurance and guaranty industries. The group has reaped excellent returns on investments and laid solid foundation for the upgrading and transformation.


High Hope Group attaches great importance to brand development and has not only acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications and the “Excellent Management System Certificate” issued by the International Certification Network and China Quality Certification Center but also been awarded the titles of “National Class AAA Integrity Entity” and “Jiangsu Famous Service Enterprise” etc. A series of the group’s own brands, such as “High Hope”, “SKYRUN”, “Forecast Spring”, “Friendly”, “JSTEX” and “Gold Plum”, have been elected as the national-level or provincial-level celebrated export brands. The brand “High Hope” has been recognized as “Well-known Trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.In March 2016, Tsinghua University released the "Brand Value Rankings of Chinese Listed Companies", on which, High Hope Group was ranked 43rd in all overseas companies, depending on its long-term outstanding performance in the import and export trade field.


In order to seize the strategic opportunity to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, promote transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, and realize overall listing, in May 2014, High Hope Group started the major asset restructuring with holding listing corporation, Jiangsu High Hope Corporation, under the leadership of the Jiangsu provincial party committee and the provincial government. In June 2015, the restructuring program was approved unconditionally by China Securities Regulatory Commission. In August 2015, Jiangsu High Hope Corporation changed its name to “Jiangsu High Hope International Group Corporation”. In October 2015, High Hope Group realized overall listing.



High Hope Group adheres to the spirit of “gathering talented people all around the world to develop great ambition” and insists on the idea of “cementing peaceful relations by upholding good faith, connecting both the East and the West”. It cultivates people’s mind with advanced culture and regulates people’s behavior with scientific rules. The group strives to make greater contributions to the principle of “taking a new step to build a new Jiangsu” through cultivating the enterprise’s core values, implementing talent thriving enterprise strategy and promoting transformation, upgrading, innovation and development to make positive contributions to promoting the implementation of "focusing on innovation, focusing on enrichment of people, and building moderately prosperous society in a high level", and establishing a new Jiangsu where the economy is strong, people are rich, the environment is good, and the social civilization level is high.

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Jiangsu High Hope International Group Corporation