Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.,

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Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.,

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    rd floor,4th building,Huangtian industry

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Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd., was established in July 2006. Provide customers with the best after processing of semiconductor-one stop manufacturing services. IC industry chain based in Shenzhen, the use of industry resources, the nearest customer to service, speed up the efficiency, meet customer demand, reduce logistics costs. Main items: IC wafer testing, wafer grinding, cutting and sorting, integrated circuit testing and taping finished foundry processing, And TURNKEY service.
      The company is located in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City West township Huangtian within Industrial City, where infrastructure, transport facilities, can be close to customer service. Shenzhen Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has 150 employees, of whom 30 were university education, secondary education, 120 people. The company has a team of experienced senior engineer, engineer, assistant engineer-strong R & D team, the company adhere to people-centered concept of talent, maximize human potential. Company uphold the "customer first, the intention of serving

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Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.,