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    MID, mobile phone design company, precision metal stamping, mold manufacturing, trade

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 Shenzhen JUJI Electronics Co., Ltd. Established in March 2005 which is the national HI-TECH Venture registered by 48Million RMB. It is a EMS manufacturer majoring on MID and mobile phone with fixed-asset investment of 220Millons and Annual sales amount of 1 Billion RMB. Through several years of development, the business is expanding quickly and it improves industry chain construction gradually and offer deep integrated manufacture service. We own several investment holding and joint stock companies containing MID, Mobile phone program design, sophisticated hardware stamping, mould manufacturing, trading company and so on. The group integrated and utilized the ventures source effectively, offering the customers one-stop station manufacture service: (ID、MD)design, mould manufacturing, material sourcing, SMT mount, product assembly test, and capital, Prepay, after-sales service, product logistic and so on. Shenzhen JUJI Electronics Co., Ltd. Committed to self-creative, industry chain improvement, and administer system to strengthen ideas: realize the mutual benefit of the venture, staffs, customers, suppliers and strategic partners to promote core competency; make the customers share fully the optimized speed, quality and technology service and cost; make the customers win the product market time, decrease the cost, risk and promote the product market competency to realize mutual benefit. 

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