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shenzhen smarteye digital electronics co.,ltd

  • Main Products:

    ip camera

  • Location:

    1st og 5/f,building l,6 northern zone,shangxue sicence&technologyindustrialpark,xuexiang,community,bantian street,longgang district,shenzhen,china

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Shenzhen eye video electronic limited company as the leading domestic network camera suppliers, was founded in 2002, is the earliest in the network camera ( IP Camera ) R & D, production and sales of manufacturers. After nearly 10 years of unremittingly efforts, has now developed into a complete sector, has a strong R & D capability and independent intellectual property rights of the modernization of the company. The company is located in Longgang District, Bantian snow Science Park, plant area of nearly ten thousand square meters, has advanced SMT SMT workshop, injection workshop, fuel injection silk screen shop, product aging test chamber and the automatic assembly line. Company brings together a number of communications, security, computer, management and other aspects of the talent, build first-class research and development and management team.
With ten years of professional experience and development advantage, a video production a series of network camera products with outstanding product quality and very competitive prices, won the market and customers a high degree of recognition and welcome, the products were shipped ranked the industry forefront.
In order to guarantee the product quality, the company in addition to the strict implementation of ISO9000-2008 quality management system, is more developed than the industry standard in accordance with their own business standards to strict demands on themselves ( standard number: QB/440000 139727, has been the State Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision approval).
To allow more consumers to better identify and enjoy high-quality network camera, a video company launched its own brand, " net worry-free ", " wansview ". When people know that brand responsibility and commitment, adhering to the " details determine success or failure of the management concept and one principle runs through it all. Quality standards, diligently strive after, not dare laches. " What worries ", " wansview " network camera to the selection of the CCD, a small screw, companies with customers than harsher look to their own requirements; each assembly procedures, each art line clearance, a man never perfunctory. Because, a person 's goal is to " net worry-free ", " wansview " brand the industry the first brand.
In my professional, focus on your eye, video -- a the better you understand more trusted partner
The rock quality, source in detail, what worries -- one you choose will not regret brand

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shenzhen smarteye digital electronics co.,ltd