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NARI Group Corporation is directly under the State Grid Corporation of comprehensive scientific research institutions, professional cover new energy power generation, power system automation, high-voltage technology, smart distribution of electricity, information and communication, water conservancy and hydropower monitoring and control of rail traffic monitoring and other fields. Is established by the State Ministry of Science and the National Electric Power Automation Engineering Technology Research Center ", established by the National Development and Reform Commission the power system automation - system control and economic operation of the National Engineering Research Center", established by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine "national high-voltage metering station , established by the National Energy Board National Energy solar power research and development center (experimental) and the national energy smart grid research and development (experimental) center, State Grid Corporation UHV AC test base "and" smart electricity Technology Testing Center based on the unit. Nanjing NARI Group Corporation is a high-tech enterprise of Nanjing NARI Group Corporation was founded to promote the industrialization of research findings, a computer information system integration level qualification is the second batch of national innovation-oriented enterprises, "National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises and certified by the state enterprise technology center ". The registered trademark "NARI" is a well-known trademarks in China, "NARI" brand products is the Chinese brand-name products. At present, nine research institutes, 16 industrial companies, with total assets of 10.7 billion yuan, more than 7,000 employees; in Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xuzhou, Huai'an, Wuxi, Taizhou and other research and industrial base, forming a grid monitoring, protection, hydropower automation, information and communication, electricity marketing, high-voltage equipment, six have obvious advantages, the main business of the prominent industrial group. By NARI Group Corporation initiated the establishment of the listed company "NARI Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600 406), show a good image of high-tech enterprises in the capital markets. State Grid EPRI through continuous independent innovation, to obtain a large number of high level scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property. Major research and development projects have been completed to date more than 600 items, 66 scientific research for national science and technology awards 478 research results obtained provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards; have patents 354 and 158, the registration of computer software copyright, software products 155 . State Grid EPRI was established in the operational development of scientific research and industrial mutual support and coordinated development of the operating mechanism, with more than 40 series, over 200 high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, market coverage across the country, the products are exported to Europe and the United States Asia, Africa and more than twenty countries and regions. State Grid EPRI has a national high-voltage metering station, the experimental conditions and the ability to record 12, the world's first UHV AC test base, with the power of industrial electrical equipment quality testing center, quality testing center of power industrial power system automation equipment, power system, communications equipment, quality testing center, the Software Quality Evaluation Center, a National Engineering Laboratory and Key Laboratory of seven national grid company. The center of the running of the National Energy solar power research and development (experimental), smart power technology research and testing center, State Grid Corporation of strict equipment network import clearance, electrical and mechanical equipment design, development, and performance improvements to provide technical support. On the basis of years of steady, rapid growth, since 2008, the State Grid EPRI accelerate the pace of development, reorganization and acquisition of a number of powerful electrical equipment and software companies, technology and industrial scale to achieve a new leap. In 2009, the hospital consolidated caliber contract of sale of 10.5 billion yuan, the main business income of 80 billion yuan, results of operations in the industry-leading level. To face the opportunities and challenges of economic globalization, the State Grid EPRI will be the scientific outlook on development as guidance, in accordance with the requirements of the group operation, intensive development, lean management, standardization of construction ", and promote research, industrial inspection system comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development, moving toward a world-class scientific research and development and high-tech enterprises. State Grid EPRI will continue to adhere to in order to support the industry, scientific and technological progress as its mission, the majority of users trusted business partners, "" integrity management, policy, and provide first-class technology, high quality products and fine service for the State Grid Corporation of the construction of a strong and smart grid and "a strong three excellent" companies to make greater contributions to the development of China's electric power, water conservancy.

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