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Founder Technology Group Corporation (the "Founder"), is the Founder Group mainland listed companies (SH.600601) is also the most influential high-tech one of the listed companies.


May 11, 1998, the Founder of the Peking University-owned enterprises announcement to buy shares through the secondary market, entered the extension of the Industrial Board of Directors, successfully achieved by the extension of the Industry "to the" Founder ". Founder operating in good faith and good performance to win the trust and support of the majority of investors, selected in 2002, the SSE 180 Index, and in 2004 became one of the SSE 50 Index constituent stocks. The company has always maintained a sound management and moderate expansion, the continued growth of healthy development trend in 2007, still on top of the Shanghai model shares all the way ahead in the domestic IT market.


Founder Technology is committed to creating the strongest comprehensive strength in China's IT service provider, its main business covers four major areas of product, sales, service and high-tech. Savings in the product system, years of IT hardware, operating experience, and now has a perfect and strong research and development, excellent products, covering a wide sales network and service system, currently has a number of product lines of the scanner, multi-function digital copiers; sales system Relying on long-term accumulation of stores, channels, customers triple advantage, has extensive experience in sales, business flow, logistics, service system, can provide good customer sales and service. 9 standardized RDC Treasury in the country has a total area of ​​15,000 square meters, with a 3-4 complete-class city distribution ,5-6 urban extension service network; service system through the establishment of the IT service network covering the whole country, providing customers with advanced solutions, cost-effective products and professional services. Currently, we have already covered over 350 cities nationwide, in-depth market segments in more than six service engineers of the Ministry of Information Industry certification authority of $ 3,000. In addition to have a professional outsourced customer contact centers, in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou has the operating agent of more than 600 venues, and other supporting resources to support the 5000 seat contact center model to achieve results, and in the cloud, was awarded the "2011 China's most good customer contact center outsourcing Award "; high-tech system through AeroScout's global RTLS market share of over 60% of the cooperation involved in the networking industry, as its license in China visualization solutions provider, and in R & D , sales, installation, service and other aspects of an expert team to support. In addition, since the 2003 acquisition of Zhuhai Multilayer PCB Co., Ltd., has entered the rapid development of the PCB (printed circuit board) industry, now Founder Technology has developed into China's leading printed circuit board manufacturers.


Adhering to the "customer-centric" business philosophy, adhere to the "integrity, innovation, customer-oriented, global concept, initiative and efficient pursuit of goals and reward and punishment," the core values, Founder Technology in support of Peking University and Beijing University Founder Group will continue through continuous innovation, operational excellence and fine management, excellent execution in every aspect of work forging, continue to provide customers with advanced technology, excellent products, a complete application, attentive service, the pursuit of customers, employees, co-operation partners and co-development.

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