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  • Main Products:

    Audio Device,Video Device,Communication Device,Computer Product,Electronic Apparatus

  • Location:

    Wide Drainage East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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China International Economic and technical cooperation Broadcasting Corporation ( referred to as widely international corporation ) belonging to the CCTV, China International Television Corp, China Radio and television industry integrated enterprise.
Come forty years, broad international corporation to undertake the Chinese State Administration of Radio Film and television domestic radio and television engineering and offshore " radio and television go project", the Ministry of commerce foreign aid projects and international radio and television engineering, in the whole world 50 many countries and area bear built hundreds of FM and shortwave radio, the transmitting station, television, radio and TV Center, satellite communication system, nearly one thousand radio and television engineering, at the same time is also the construction of a number of large-scale exhibition center, stadiums and other large public building sound, simultaneous interpretation, video and telephone conference, cable television transmission, radio and television broadcasting system, stage equipment, special lighting system, large screen, fire alarm, monitoring, intelligent, local area network system design, installation, commissioning and training of engineering.
Widely international corporation and hundreds of domestic and foreign major radio and television equipment manufacturers to establish a long-term business contacts, and domestic provinces, municipal radio and Television Bureau ( Hall), radio and television, radio, television, Internet companies and the relevant units to maintain good relations of cooperation, for domestic radio and television system imports a large number of complete sets of equipment, specializing in the import of equipment on the market occupies a considerable share.
Widely international company specific undertake by the Chinese State Administration of Radio Film and television host, CCTV host, held every year on the Chinese Radio and television industry scale and influential international exhibitions -- Beijing International Radio, Film & TV Equipment Exhibition ( BIRTV ), while still in the domestic and foreign organizations in small exhibitions, conferences and international radio and television technology communication and academic delibrate activity. Undertaking of China State Administration of Radio Film and television issued the national broadcasting system foreign exchange visits group, Chinese State Administration of Radio Film and television and the Ministry of Commerce issued on developing radio and television management and technical training.
The company in Albania, Cuba, Zambia and other countries set up wholly-owned enterprises and representative offices; in China have broad international advertising company, widely international architectural design & Research Institute and other wholly-owned subsidiary.
Widely international company to broadcast the movie television national foreign-related professional technical and management team, carry out ", wide human and " the concept of corporate culture, through high-quality services to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, to promote China's film and television industry make a positive contribution to development.

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