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The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators
The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators

The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators

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The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators

1.  The design of trivalve clamp, the casing automatically has good performance to the center, and the holding force (embrace force) is large.

2. The mechanical and structural optimization design is carried out by computer simulation under construction conditions, which avoids the phenomenon of moving arc interference and hoisting in the working process.

3. The motor and diesel pump station system configuration, customers can choose according to their own needs.

4. Manual and remote control operation mode, simple and convenient to switch each other.

Application area

     Urban subway foundation,deep foundation pit retaining occlusal pile,urban renovation pull-out pile and remove obstacle pile, railway, port, road bridge, rivers, lakes, high-rise buildings, hydropower and water conservancy construction bored pile, special purpose bored pile.Applicable stratum

      All strata in the construction of the rotary drilling rig. It is especially suitable for complex strata where mud such as pebble, silt, quicksand, silt, fragmentation and karst cave development, backfill, swamp, lake, River and so on can not normally protect walls.

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