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The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators
The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators

The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators

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The AFEXWX Casing Oscillators

Product Name: Hydraulic rotary casing drilling rig

Product introduction: It consists of full hydraulic rotary casing drilling rig, hydraulic pumping station, control system, rotary drilling rig (flower tube, driver) or engineering crawler crane (guard, punch grab), double (single) wall casing, etc.

This construction method has the following characteristics:

1.No noise, no vibration, no impact on surrounding buildings;

2.Don’t use mud, avoid mud processing, storage and transportation, clean construction site;

3.Soil and lithological characteristics can be judged intuitively during excavation. For end bearing piles, it is convenient to determine the pile length on site;

4.Fast digging speed. For ordinary soil, the drilling efficiency is about 14m per hour.

5.Deep excavation depth, up to about 70m, depending on the soil quality;

6.The verticality of the hole formation is easy to grasp, which can guarantee the verticality of 3%6 -5%;

7.Full-hydraulic casing drilling rig and steel casing wall are used to prevent the hole wall from slumping and the quality of hole formation is high;

8.There is no sticky mud around the steel bars, which is conducive to improving the grip strength of the concrete bars.

9.No mud is used, which avoids the possibility of mud entering the concrete, and the pile quality is high;

10.Standard hole formation diameter, small filling factor, compared with other hole formation methods,  concrete can save about 13%;

11.Clear the holes thoroughly and fast, the sediment at the bottom of the hole can be guaranteed within 2.5cm

Application area:

1.Subgrade foundation, deep foundation pit enclosing occlusal piles, urban transformation pulling piles and removing obstacle piles, railways, ports, roads and bridges, rivers, lakes, high-rise buildings, hydropower and hydraulic construction Cobalt bored piles, special-purpose bored piles.

2.Adopts full casing, which can be used when approaching existing buildings, especially suitable for urban operations

3.It is possible to construct inclined piles.

Suitable for stratum:

1.All stratum for rotary drilling rig construction;

2.Pebble, silt, quicksand, fine sand, broken and karst cave development, backfill soil, swamps, lakes, rivers and other complex formations.

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