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6105 Fuel pump
6105 Fuel pump

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the fuel injection pump is an important part of the automobile diesel engine. The fuel injection pump assembly is usually a whole composed of fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together. Among them, the governor is a component that ensures the low-speed operation of the diesel engine and the limitation of the maximum speed, and ensures a certain relationship between the injection quantity and the speed. The fuel injection pump is the most important part of the diesel engine and is regarded as the "heart" part of the diesel engine. Once it fails, the entire diesel engine will malfunction.

 the fuel injection pump is the "heart" of the diesel engine, so the fuel injection pump must be properly maintained. When installing the fuel injection pump on the diesel engine, the fuel supply advance angle must be checked; after the diesel engine runs for 500 hours, the fuel supply advance angle should be rechecked and adjusted.

The national standard light diesel oil must be used, and the diesel oil must be precipitated and filtered for 48 to 96 hours.

Usually pay attention to clean the diesel tank and diesel filter.

Check the oil in the governor every day, and add enough in time if it is insufficient.

If there is a skeleton oil seal between the fuel injection pump and the governor, oil should be filled separately.

If the oil level rises due to oil dilution, it means that the fuel injection pump and the fuel transfer pump have serious oil leakage, which should be eliminated in time.

After the diesel engine has been running for 100 hours, the oil should be changed and the filter screen of the fuel pump should be cleaned.

The fuel injection pump should not be disassembled or adjusted at will, especially the parts with seals.

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