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Henning Saint raisins color sorter
Henning Saint raisins color sorter

Henning Saint raisins color sorter

Trading Company,Manufacturer

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1. Full color CCD camera: Adopting Toshiba CCD sensor Industrial customized 5400 Pixels Cameras of high resolution, easily able to recognize tiny color differences and identify extremely small defects. 2. Long life LED light source: Most advanced LED optical technique, durable and stability. 3. High sorting accuracy: CCD chip from Japan, processor from USA; 1billion times High Frequency&quality Ejectors. Ensure high precision sorting effect. 4. Intelligent linkage: Intelligent AI Photo Capture sorting, Wifi and Mobilephone control. 5. Lower optimized carryover: Adopting particular image processing technology, lowering optimized carryover for raw materials and reducing unnecessary losses for customers. 6. Perfect sorting function: Color and Shape sorting Available.

Henning Saint raisin sorting machines can detect and reject objects based on many specifications, including color, shape, and structural abnormalities.

It can remove discoloration, loose pits, pit fragments, insect damage, blemishes, sticks, stems, and foreign material in dried apricots, cranberries, figs, prunes, raisins, and multiple other dried fruit varieties. 

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