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Thermal Overload Operation MCCB
Thermal Overload Operation MCCB
Thermal Overload Operation MCCB
Thermal Overload Operation MCCB
Thermal Overload Operation MCCB
Thermal Overload Operation MCCB

Thermal Overload Operation MCCB

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DAM1 series thermal overload operation Moulded case circuit breaker(Fixed type) 1P,2P,3P,4P 400V/415V Moulded case circuit breaker high quality with ASTA,KEMA,SEMKO,CE,CB,ROHS certificate Introduction The DAM1 series circuit breakers are intended for conducting current in normal mode and.

DAM1 series thermal overload operation Moulded case circuit breaker(Fixed type)

This product patent protected


1P,2P,3P,4P 400V/415V Moulded case circuit breaker high quality with ASTA,KEMA,SEMKO,CE,CB,ROHS certificate



The DAM1 series circuit breakers are intended for conducting current in normal mode and switching it off at short circuits, overload, inadmissible bucking as well as operational actuation and tripping of electric circuit parts. They are designed for use in electric units having the operative voltage limited to 400V per rated current from 12,5 to 1600A. 

They correspond to the requirements of EN 60947-1, EN 60947-2 

Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers:

Thermal protection function:(For protection under over load conditions) 

Bimetal,  which provides thermal protection, consists of combination of two metals with different extension coefficients under heat. When bimetal is heated, it bends towards the metal with less extension. In this way, a notch that assists opening of the breaker mechanism is released to disable the breaker. Bending speed of bimetal is in direct proportion with size of the current passing through the breaker. Because, increase of current means increase of heat. In this way, over current protection function of the breaker is fulfilled by bimetal at load currents higher than the rated current

Magnetic protection function (For protection under short circuit conditions)

Another function of the breaker is to protect the connected circuit against short circuits. Short circuit may occur as a result of contact of phases with each other or contact of phase-ground. Since a very high current shall pass through the cables in case of short circuit, system energy should be broken in a shorter time due to thermal protection. Breaker should perform instant opening to protect load it is connected to. The part fulfilling this function is a mechanical opening mechanism that operates with magnetization caused by the magneticarea formed by the short circuit current


.Easy independent installation of auxiliary devices:

.Alarm contact;

.Auxiliary contact;

.Under voltage release;

.Shunt release;

.Handle operating mechanism;

.Electrical operating mechanism;

.Plug-in device;

.Draw-out device;.

.Standard set of each circuit breaker consists of connecting busbars or cable lugs, phase separators, a set of screws and nuts for its mounting onto an installation panel.

.With the help of special clamp 125 and 160 units can be installed onto a DIN-rail.

.Weight and dimensions of these circuit breakers are by 10-20% less than that suggested by other home manufacturers. This fact provides for mounting smaller boxes and panels. Besides, small dimensions make it possible to change old circuit breakers to DAM1.


Moulded case circuit breakers are low-voltage circuit breakers. They meet the installation needs of small users all the way to large industrial substations and power distribution systems. They are commonly applied in steel mills, oil platforms, hospitals, railway systems, airports, computing centers, office buildings, convention centers, theaters, skyscrapers, and other large scale structures.



Electrical parameters of DAM1 MCCB molded case circuit breaker

Ics:O-t-CO-t-CO test(O:open maneuver,CO:Close-Open maneuver,t:Waiting duration)Icu:O-t-CO test(O:Open maneuver,CO:Close-Open maneuver,t:Waiting duration)

ON/I Position: It indicates that contacts of the breaker are closed. In this position, the breaker lever is in the top position

TRIP Position: It indicates that the breaker is opened due to any failure (over load or short circuit). In this case, breaker lever is in the middle position between ON and OFF positions. In order to take the breaker, which is in trip position, to ON position; push the breaker lever downwards as shown by the OFF signBreaker shall be set with "click" sound.After that, pull the lever as shown by ON sign to close the breaker 

OFF/0 Position: It indicates that contacts of the breaker are open. In this way, the breaker lever is in the bottom position.

Physical parameters of DAM1-125 MCCB molded case circuit breaker

Size of MCCB molded case circuit breaker

Working principle

The main contact of the molded case circuit breaker is manual manipulation or electric closing. After the main contact is closed, the free release mechanism locks the main contact into the closing position. The over current trip coil and the thermal trip element are connected in series with the main circuit. The under voltage release coil and the power supply are connected in parallel.


Connecting busbarsPhase separatorsSet of screws for panel mountingSet for connecting external conductors

Auxiliary devices for DAM1 MCCB 


1 - Power circuit breaker 

2 - Mounting panel (base) for plug-in/draw-out) option 

3 - Side panels for draw-out option 

4 – Phase separators 

5 – Connecting busbars 

6 – Plug-in contacts 

7 – Blocking unit

8 – Terminal cover 

9 – Casing cover 

10 – Top cover 

11 - Rotary handle operating mechanism

12 – Electrical operating mechanism

13 - Shunt release/under voltage release

14 – Auxiliary/Alarm contacts

DAM1 have more flexible connection method, which can be connected by cable, extended bus-bar, spreader terminal,cable lugs.

1) Connect by extended busbar (photo 1)

Photo 1

2) Connect by spreader terminal(photo 2)

Photo 2

 3) Connect directly cable (photo 3) without use of cable lugs.

Photo 3

With the help of special clamp 125 and 160 units can be installed onto a DIN-rail.

Breaker with clampclamp with DIN railclamp with DIN rail

High-strength cartons, pallet protection, good for long-distance export transport


Why choose us?


1. We are the leading manufacture for 30 years. Our company founded in 1986, develop very fast during 30 years.


2. The Group, comprising 3 factories, owns a production area of 52,400m2 and employs more than 500 staff. we have invested nearly ten million yuan in order to expand our operation and upgrade our workshops.


3. Factory audited by INTERTEK,DEKRA&GMC


4. Having obtained CB,CE,SEMKO,KEMA, ASTA,ROHS,SASO,CCC global certificate.





5.World famous electricity Power Gen exhibition 

Our exhibition covers the world, Dubai, Brazil, Russia, Hanover, Egypt, Austria,Iran, Mexico and other professional power exhibitions


6.We have a strict management system for suppliers and raw materials,We usually choose best quality material for circuit breakers.

Body and Cover: Fiber-glass polyester resin has been used as the body and cover material in accordance with EN 60512-20-2 standard. This material, which is called BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) in the literature, is preferred due to high electrical and mechanical values and can resist to a temperature of 160℃continuously. BMC material does not burn when in contact with wire at a temperature of 960℃ in accordance with IEC 695-2-1

Bimetal: Bimetal is a material consisting of combination of two plate metals with different extension coefficients against heat. The current passing through the breaker heats up bimetal. Due to effect of this heat. bimetal bends towards the less-extending plate. Since heat increases as the current passing through the breaker increases, bimetal is heated more and bends more. In this way, it controls the opening mechanism to open the breaker.

Contacts: Contact alloy is determined for breakers by considering broken and carried current values and construction Usually silver, graphite, nickel, wolfram alloy contacts are used in breakers Contacts, which are made of silver-graphite alloys with a smoothers structure, are used in fixed (bottom) contacts, silver wolfram contacts, which are harder, are used in moving (top) contacts. A swaged structure has been ensured in moving contacts. In this way, swaged and hard alloy contacts have a place on soft fixed contacts in each opening-closing. In this way, the lowest resistance is ensured.Moving contact should touch the fixed contact very well in order to have low contact resistance. However, excessive contact pressure force results in damage of contacts in a shorter period than normal.Contact alloys are very important for a healthy opening-closing.

Arc Extinguisher Cell (Separator):

Separators are used to extinct the arc which is formed during operation of the breaker operating under energy. While moving contact is separated from fixed contact, current continues to flow between contacts for a while and this is called arc.This arc should be extinct in a very short time

Extinction of Arc:

Arc is pushed towards separators due to magnetic field formed around the arc. In this way, arc is extended and becomes slim and broken off between separator plates (Figure-5). Due to characteristic of the material used on side walls of the separators, a gas comes out due to high temperature caused by the arc. This gas has an important effect on extinction of the arc.



Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it will take 25 days upon receipt of order confirmation.If it is urgent order,we’ll negotiate to plug your order first but its better inform us as earlier as you can. 

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: sorry,the sample and freight cannot be for free; After you order it, we can charge off from mass orders.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: We accept TT,30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of BL

B. L/C at sight

Q: Can you accept OEM our brand ?

A: We accept OEM your brand, but it depends on your order quantity.

Q:What is your main market?Turnover?

A:Our main market is middle east,Europe,and turnover is roughly 20 million

USD per year.

Q:Do you have interest to do our own design items?

A:Absolutely!We have big interest!

Q:How many staffs in your company?

A:Roughly 300 in workshop, and 10 inspectors.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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