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Pillow Packaging Machine
Pillow Packaging Machine

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Pillow Packaging Machine

Pillow Packaging Machine

Performance characteristics:
1. The bag length does not need to be set manually, it is automatically detected and set automatically during the operation of the equipment.
2. The whole machine is compact in structure, takes up less space, adopts double frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, easy to maintain, less wear and long life.
3. The main control circuit adopts the single-chip microcomputer developed by our company, touch screen display, frequency conversion control control, good man-machine interface, centralized operation, convenient.
4. The packaging speed and bag length are controlled by dual frequency conversion, stepless speed change, wide adjustment range, and can be perfectly matched with the previous process of the production line.
5. High-sensitivity electric eye can track automatically and accurately.
6. Each sealing temperature is independently controlled, suitable for packaging of various materials, and the sealing is beautiful and firm.
7. Intermittent inflation device and alcohol spray device can be installed.
8. Double paper support structure, automatic film splicing device, simple, fast and accurate film changing operation.

Technical Parameters:

ModelZP-500 ZP-100 ZP-320ZP-380ZP-400ZP-420ZP-480
Packing speed35-350bag/min35-220bag/min 35-180bag/min35-180bag/min35-180bag/min35-180bag/min35-100bag/min
Bag size    (L)85-230mm (W)20-90mm (H)5-50mm (L)65-200mm (W)30-90mm (H)5-30mm(L)80-240mm (W)30-130mm (H)5-45mm (L)110-280mm (W)30-150mm (H)5-55mm(L)110-280mm(W)30-150mm(H)5-55mm(L)110-280mm (W)30-150mm (H)5-60mm(L)170-500mm(W)50-160mm(H)30-80mm
Packaging film width65-280mm65-220mm80-300mm90-350mm90-400mm90-400mm180-450mm
Dimensions(L)4000* (W)770* (H)1600(L)4000* (W)850*(H)1600(L)4000* (W)950* (H)1600mm(L)4000* (W)950* (H)1600(L)4000* (W)950* (H)1600(L)4200* (W)950* (H)16004000*850*1600mm
Heating power3.1kw 2.4kw 2.4kw3.8kw3.8kw3.8kw2.4kw
Motor power0.55+0.75kw0.2+0.4kw0.2+0.4kw0.2+0.4kw0.2+0.4kw0.2+0.4kw0.2+0.4kw
Total power 4.4kw 3kw 3kw4.4kw4.4kw4.4kw3kw

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