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3240 series gas engine for compressor(Oil drilling power)
3240 series gas engine for compressor(Oil drilling power)

3240 series gas engine for compressor(Oil drilling power)

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CNPC Jichai Power Company Limited



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Product Features: Precombustion chamber cylinder head, thin combustion.The combustion structure of the gas machine adopts the cylinder head structure of the pre-combustion chamber, and achieves the rarefied combustion through Miller cycle and precise control of the air-fuel ratio. Multi-point injection, high energy ignition.The gas engine adopts multi-point injection technology, high-energy ignition mode, and achieves the best performance index by matching the best parameter values. The SaCoSOne integrated control system is adopted, with functions of engine control, alarm, monitoring and safety protection. High pressurization, two stages intermediate cooling Self-cleaning filtration technology The filter element adopts metal filter element, and can realize automatic cleaning, without replacing the filter element.Not only can ensure the engine oil filtration requirements, but also can extend the service life, reduce the use cost and maintenance labor intensity. Steel tip ball iron skirt piston Double alloy bearing bush Crankcase oil mist monitoring

32/40 natural gas engine is a high-power natural gas engine jointly developed by Jichai and German MAN Company.In addition, Jichai is the only engine manufacturer with the qualification to produce this engine in China.This series engine has the characteristics of high power density, high efficiency, light weight, compact structure, long overhaul period and humanized maintenance design.It is suitable for the official website of natural gas, transmission and pressure pump station, underground gas storage compressor station and other projects, it can meet the demand of power equipment for large-scale gas psower station, distributed energy system and other national energy conservation and emission reduction projects. The thermal efficiency of the engine is greater than 44%, and its power performance, economy and reliability have reached the international advanced level.

Prodcut SeriesModelCylinders&ArrangementCylinders Bore,mmPiston Stroke,mmRated Power,kWRPM,r/minTotal Piston Displacement,LHeat Consumption RatekJ/kW.hLub. oil consumption g/kW.h

320 series(5400KW)12V32/40G12 cylinders,V type3204005400750386.04≤7800≤0.35

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