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Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation
Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation
Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation
Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation
Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation
Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation

Hvls Vertical Fans with Lamp for Ourdoor Shopping Mall Air Ventilation

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Huada HDS series smart permanent magnet large ceiling fan is a new product specially developed for improving the comfort of working environment.Self-designed variable frequency speed control, high efficiency and energy saving permanent magnet external rotor motor drive.It has the advantages of low noise, small volume, light weight, compact structure and beautiful appearance. Widely used in industrial plants, logistics warehousing, waiting room, exhibition hall, physical education hall, super tall space places, as a new type of ceiling fan space ventilation, personnel cooling.It can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain height of the moving airflow layer, thus contributing to the overall air circulation; Like the natural breeze system, enjoy the intimate experience of natural wind.


Product Parameters


Air volume(m3/min)40005000700010000110001150012000130001400015000
Rotating speed(rpm)1201009080706055505550
Number of leaves(Pcs)5/6
Motor weight(kg)18182525484848485858
Ceiling fan weight(kg)3538464999103107111118122

Other specifications and models can be customized according to customer needs.

Product Description

  -----PRODUCT  DISPLAY----- 

HDS series intelligent ceiling fans are a series of products specially developed for energy saving and consumption reduction and improvement of working environment comfort. The intelligent ceiling fan is driven by self-designed permanent magnet motor, featuring small volume, light weight, high efficiency, stepless speed regulation, compact structure and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in industrial workshop, logistics warehouse, waiting room, exhibition hall, gymnasium, commercial super and other tall space, as a common and intelligent machine for space ventilation and personnel cooling. It can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain height of airflow layer horizontal movement on the ground, thus contributing to the overall air circulation, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving, similar to the natural breeze system, enjoy the intimate experience of natural wind.

Functional configuration

Operation of ceiling fan:
adopt self-developed permanent magnet external motor

Fan blade safety ring:
the latest technology to connect the fan blade into a whole, to avoid fan blade accidental fall

Fan blade:
it is extruded by aluminum and magnesium alloy and has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, light weight, long life and safety

Anti-stripping device:
top safety, the fan blade, chassis and motor are connected as a whole, and anti-stripping plate plays a protective role to prevent any parts from falling off.

Tail fin:
high temperature resistant material is adopted to shape the product structure to be more beautiful. When the fan blade is running, air will generate vortex at the end of the airfoil fan blade.

Steel wire pulling and locking device -- high-altitude protection, the stress strength of each steel wire cable can
reach 1000kg, and the fan can operate stably and reliably under the huge inertia generated by rotation.

Application Field

Large logistics warehouse and distribution center:
improve air quality, dehumidify and cool down, prevent storage from rust and rot, and improve working environment.

Super large plant:
such as machinery processing, car repair, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding and other workshop, can improve ventilation efficiency.

Public buildings:
such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, railway stations, airports and other places with large people turnover, can promote air circulation, dispel peculiar smell, and create a comfortable public place environment.

Large farms:
including milk farms, breeding farms, hatchery, etc. Good ventilation can improve air quality, remove moisture, remove odors, and reduce livestock morbidity. The suitable temperature can make the livestock feel comfortable and stimulate the rapid growth of the livestock, so as to improve the production rate of the stockholder livestock and increase the production of poultry eggs and milk meat.

Outdoor personnel density:
such as urban construction sites, outdoor workers can provide a cooler operating environment; For example, outdoor dining places can bring more comfortable dining experience to consumers.


Working Principle


Enterprise Features




Product Packing


For easy transportation, the blades are packed aeperately from the motor and accessories, all are packed in wooden case.

Installation Procedure



Q:Are you a foreign trade company or a manufacturer ?
A: Yes , we are a professional manufacturer, Our factory is specialized in Industrial Ceiling Fans, cooling fan, Exhaust Industrial Fan and so on.

Q:Do you have quality certification for your products?
A: Our ceiling fans have been certificated to cCSA US, CE, KC, CCC and so on , the fans quality can be guaranteed.

Q:  Can you make my brand on products or provide OEM service?
A:  Yes.We can provide OEM service.We are the OEM supplier for some famous companies.

Q:  What's your minimum quantity for order (MOQ)?
A:  10PCS.

Q: what's the delivery time?
A: Delivery time will be within 20 days after receipt payment by 100%TT.

Q:  How long is the warranty?
A: Our motor warranty is 3 years and the controller warranty is 18 months.

Fujian Huada Electric Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial ceiling fan.  Huada participates in various exhibitions at home and abroad,  because of its high quality and good after-sales service, Huada has a lot of orders. 


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