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fertilizer spreader
fertilizer spreader
fertilizer spreader
fertilizer spreader

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This series of large-scale fertilizer spreaders and spreaders are mainly suitable for spreading base fertilizer before ploughing, planting after ploughing, and spreading fertilizer for pastures and pastures. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, wide application range, high working efficiency and uniform spreading. This is a large-scale fertilizer spreader very suitable for large farms, grasslands and pastures. It can be used for spreading organic fertilizer, animal manure, soil home manure, distiller's grains, etc., and can also be applied to road administration departments for salt and snow removal.

1. The humanized design of the outlet regulating valve can adjust the size of the outlet according to the different requirements of end users.

2. The design of the regulating valve controls the conveying speed of the chain. The larger the gear, the faster the conveying speed of the chain, the larger the fertilizer flow, and vice versa.

3. The speed reducer adopts a step-by-step speed reduction, which provides a guarantee for the more stable operation of the machine. On the basis of the slowing down of the fertilizer delivery speed, it can be used for multi-functional spraying of chemical fertilizers such as powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer.

4. Adopt wide tire design to ensure the normal operation of the machine in the field.

5. The machine is equipped with a radiator device to better ensure the heat dissipation function of the machine.

Model: 2FGB-8YA

Volume: 8 square

Whole machine weight: ≥1900kg

Supporting power: ≥90 horsepower

Spreading width: 10-18 meters

Tyre model: two wheels 16/70-20

Dimensions: 5770×2160×2270mm

Spreading disc: 2 sets

Tooth angle: adjustable

contact:gloria liu



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