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              Ningbo Cetus Electric Appliance Co.Ltd 

New generation of intelligent dehumidifier .

Item No


Important safety instructions

Warning: In order to reduce the happening of the fire ,electric shock , injured or illed when using the dehumidifier , please follow the basic cautions below .

■     this appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved

■     children shall not play with the appliance

■     cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision

■     Before using , please make sure the power source’s voltage is 220-240V , its frequency is 50 Hz

■     Please use the three hole socket with grounding device

■     Please do not remove the ground pin , do not use the adapter or extension cord

■     In order to avoid the overheating , do not cover the dehumidifier .

■     Dehumidifier do not close to the power socket directly

■     Can not be used in bathroom and laundry room

■     Socket, power line keep far away from the moisture place


■     Do not spray the water , pesticides and combustible liquid on the machine body

■     Before the repair service , please pull the plug.

■     If moving the machine , please turn off the power first , then pull out the plug .

■     Do not drink the water collected in water tank when the machine is working.

■     This machine is limited to indoor use , do not close to the fire when using .

■     If the power cord damage , must be replaced by the manufacturers or service center or the person with similar qualifications to avoid the danger

■     Children can not use this product , also do not be allowed to ride or play .

■     Do not place the heavy objects on the machine body

Operation and setting


Start / Stop Dehumidifier

■     Before starting the dehumidifier , please confirm the

■     bucket is empty , and placed ready in dehumidifier.

■     Before starting the dehumidifier , please open the wind deflector to proper position

■     Each time when pull out the plug or interrupt the power supply , when the power is return , the controller will back to original setting.


■     Operation temperature is 5°C ~35°C

■     The adjustment humidity range is from 30% RH to 80% RH

■     When the LED screen shows “CO”, means the function of dehumidification continuous.

■     When reaching the setting temperature , the compressor will stop working , then the fan will stop delay for some time .


Danger of electric shock

Insert the grounding type three hole socket

Do not remove the grounding pin

Do not use the adapter

Do not use the extension cord

It may cause the death , fire or electric shock if not following these instructions and operations



1.Insert the grounding type three hole socket

2.Press the power supply and open the dehumidifier (the power light is lit up )

3.Open the wind deflector to proper position

4.Press the”mode”, you can choose the operation mode , sequentially the wisdom dehumidifying , normal dehumidifying, powerful dehumidifying , air clean (Preset is wisdom dehumidifying)

5.Set the humidity, please see "humidity Settings" section

6.Set the time, please see "time Settings" section

  1. After use , press the power supply and turn off the dehumidifier

Remark : this dehumidifier will memory the humidity and wind speed setting state before the power turning off .When starting again , it will enter into previous setting state automatically (if pull out the power plug , and then starts, it will restore the initial default)

full water will autostop

If the full water indicator light lits up , the machine will stop the operation. This means you need to check.

■     If the bucket is full , please make it empty and back.

■     If the bucket do not place into the proper location , please remove the bucket and put back. Make sure the bucket is fully loaded into the dehumidifier , and led do not light up , or the machine will unable to work .

■     After put back in the bucket , please restart after waiting for 5 minutes , making sure that the compressor’s using life longer

 Mode Selection

1.    Press the power supply and select operating mode (the initial default is wisdom dehumidifying)

  1. Selecting the wisdom dehumidifying , normal dehumidifying, powerful dehumidifying , air clean sequentially

■     Air clean : start the fan and supply air , make the indoor air circulation ; Do not start the compressor , for no dehumidifying effect .

■     Normal dehumidifying : to set the bass slowly to reach the required humidity setting .It is suitable used on the condition that sleeping at night , quiet environment and the indoor humidity is not high .

Power dehumidifying : humidity can not be set . Especially against the high humidity environment , setting the dehumidifying no interruption function . Suitable for clothes drying or person who needs low humidity space.

■     Wisdom dehumidifying : adjust the fan speed automatically , in order to reach the most suitable body environment 55% relative humidity. When the environment humidity is 70% or higher , the powerful dehumidifying will operate automatically . When the environment humidity is 55%-70% , the normal dehumidifying will work ; When the environment humidity is less than 55% , it becomes the mode of air clean.(Note : can not choose the humidity in automatic mode)


 Humidity Selection

  1. Press the “mode”, in the mode of “normal dehumidifying”, you can choose the humidity.(can not choose the humidity at the mode of the air clean , wisdom dehumidifying and powerful dehumidifying)
  2. Press the LED screen’s up and down keys on the left and right sides , select the humidity setting of 30%~80% (Note : the initial use humidity presetting is 55%)

If the indoor humidity is higher than the setting humidity , the compressor will start.

If the indoor humidity is lower than the setting humidity , the compressor will shut down.

After the 5 seconds , the humidity display is no longer flashing , meaning the setting is successful.

  1. Continuous dehumidifying : at the mode of “ Normal Mode “ , you can choose the continuous dehumidifying function . Press the LED screen’s up and down keys on the left and right sides , select the CO (continuous) , meaning that the dehumidifier will operate continuous .


Digital display screen

The screen will display the relative humidity and time (Depending on the setting)

1.    When the dehumidifier is operating at the required humidity mode , the screen will display the environment humidity .

  1. Select the timing , the screen will display the running time which the dehumidifier is setting , 1~24 hours .

 Time Setting

  1. Press the “timing”key , and the LED screen’s up and down keys on the left and right sides , select the operation time setting 1-24 hours .
  2. After the 5 seconds , the timer indicator light will light up continuous , no longer flashing , meaning the setting is successful.

Note : Each mode can choose the time setting , when the setting time is finished , the compressor will shut down , the fan will stop running , entering into the standby mode .

     Anion function

1.Press the anionbutton , start the anion function ; If no needs of the anion function , press the anionbutton again


This machine is B type low temperature dehumifier , its using environment temperature is 5-35 °C . If the indoor temperature is too low , the cooler’s surface will be frosted , then the defrosting function will start automatically , the power light will be flashed at this time .

If the low temperature happens , the defroster will close the dehumidifier automatically, enen pressing the “humidity”setting , the dehumidifier will not start . When the defroster is detecting the appropriate operation temperature , the compressor will be restarted .


  1. If the setting humidity is higher than actual environment humidity , the dehumidifier will not operate .
  2. When the full water light is light up , please pour out the water in the tank , and then put back the water bank , the machine will continue to operate.
  3. When the machine is shut down , please restart after waiting for 5 minutes , in order to ensure the compressor’s using life longer .
  4. If do not use the dehumidifier for long time , please pull out the power cord’s plug .



Specification sheet

Model number


Cooling gas






Dehumidifying capacity (L/d) (27°C RH60%)


Power (W) (27°C RH60%)


Dehumidifying capacity (L/d) (30°C RH80%)



Power (W) (30°C RH80%)



Noise(low-high) (dBA)



Wind capacity (low-high) (cfm)



Rated current (A) 



Suitable environment temperature (°C)

5 ~ 35


The degree of product


Wind speed adjustment

Automatic,low,high,air loop


Range of humidity (%RH)

30 ~ 80





Air filter

PP dustproof filter.Washable


Instruction light of full water tank



PSS platinum degree safety protection system



Capacity of water tank(L)



Drainage method

External Drain Connect


Wheels for moving



Product weight(kg)



Product dimension:hight,width,length(mm)



Carton dimension:hight,width,length(mm)




White or customer specified color


   Note:Function,specification and color base on really product.



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